Swami Govindananda

Swami Govindananda (20th century AD) was lived in a small hut in the banks of the river Jhelum at Srinagar, Kashmir. He was a holy person, and used to take only one meal a day. He used to study spiritual books, and practised Yoga, and revealed his Kundalini Shakti. He was a siddha and Ayurveda Physician, who used to cure the diseases of the people with herbs and natural medicines at free of cost.

Once he went to Mount Amarnath, and had the darshan of the Snow Lingam. There he met the great saint Sri Chandanwari Baba and both of them had spiritual conversation. After successfully finishing his journey, Swami Govindananda went to his Srinagar Ashram and stayed for a long period of time. He had done many good things to the people like healing their diseases, hearing their problems, pacifying them in kind words, giving spiritual discourses on Lord Krishna and Rama, and cleansed the minds of the Kashmir people. He used to visit Vrindavan every year, and would have the darshan of Lord Krishna.

Swami Govindananda had attained Mahasamadhi in the year 1987 at Kashmir.


1. Believers of the god are the thinkers, doers and the achievers.

2. We can get goodness in our life by our constant prayers to the god.

3. Life is very short, utilize it properly by doing good things in your life, or otherwise you will have to suffer in the next birth.

4. Be kind, generous, gentle and lenient towards others.

5. Live your life in the path of “DHARMA”.

6. Don’t fill up your stomach by cheating others.

7. Don’t expect sympathy from others, instead of that, seek sympathy from god, and he is ready to fulfill your wishes, since we are all his servants, and he is our supreme master.

8. Don’t spend your life only by dreaming, your life is in your hands only, through hard work only you can reach the upper ladder in your career path.

9. Fill up with full of good thoughts in your mind.

Let us worship the noble saint, and be blessed.


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