Goddess Jivati Mata (Jivantika Mata) Photos, Images

Here are the images, photos of Goddess Jivati Mata (Jivantika Mata)..

Jivati Puja is observed on one of the Fridays in Shravan month. Jiviti is an avatar or manifestation of Goddess Parvati.

In Maharashtra there is popular belief that worshipping Goddess Jivati or observing Jivathi Pooja can protect children from evil and bad effects and makes them healthy.

There is no specific puja procedure for Jiviti vrata. Some special recipes like Puran Poli are made and served to family members. Women apply haldi and kumkum on each others forehead and prayed to Goddess Jivati for long and happy marital life.

Goddess Jivati Mata

Goddess Jivati Mata

You can download the original image of Jivati Mata from this link.

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