Jivantika Mata Vrat begins, 24 July 2020

On 24 July 2020, Jivantika Mata vrat begins in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Jivantika Vrat (Jivati Puja, Jara Jeevantika Vrata) is observed on Shravan Shukravar (Fridays in Shravan Month) as per Gujarati calendar. In 2020, Jivati Pooja dates are – 24 July, 31 July, 7 August and 14 August. There is no specific puja procedure for […]

Goddess Jivati Mata (Jivantika Mata) Photos, Images

Here are the images, photos of Goddess Jivati Mata (Jivantika Mata).. Jivati Puja is observed on one of the Fridays in Shravan month. Jiviti is an avatar or manifestation of Goddess Parvati. In Maharashtra there is popular belief that worshipping Goddess Jivati or observing Jivathi Pooja can protect children from evil and bad effects and makes […]