Jara Jivantika Puja 2017 | Jivantika Vrat, Shravani Shukravar puja

Jara Jivantika Puja, Jivantika Vrat is observed on Shravani Shukravar (Fridays in Shravan month) in Maharashtra and Gujarat. In 2017, Jara Jivantika Puja dates are – July 28, August 4, August 11 and August 18.

Jivantika vrat is dedicated to Jivantika Maa who is believed as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati.

Jara Jivantika Vrat katha or the legend of the puja is mentioned in the Skanda Puran. The legend is associated with the story of a king, his queen and a Brahmin woman.

The famous temple dedicated to Jivantika Maa is located in Rajkot. In this temple grand Yagna is performed during Jara Jivantika Puja days.

In 2016, Jara Jivantika Puja dates were – August 5, August 12, August 19 and August 26.

In 2015, Jara Jivantika Puja dates were – August 21, August 28, September 4 and September 11.

In 2014, Jara Jivantika Puja dates were – August 1, August 8, August 15 and August 22.

In 2013, Jara Jivantika Puja dates were – August 9,  August 16, August 23 and August 30.

Jara Jivantika Puja 2012 dates were: July 20, July 27, August 3, August 10 & August 17.

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  1. CHHAYA K.SHAH says:

    I want to do Jivantika Vrat this friday, but I have a questioned that the person who is having vrat on Friday can not go out from the house, is this so? or not ? please let me know because I am working women.

  2. Kina says:

    I can eat bananas in jivantika vart?

  3. Suchita says:

    Yes you can eat bananas and all other such fruits. I am fasting this year on jivantika Maa Fridays. May Maa bless us all!!! Om Shri Jivantikayei namah!!!

  4. Suchismita says:

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