Getting Anger with God

Similar to getting anger with our parents, we would also frequently get anger with the god, and sometimes we would curse him also, due to the severity of our sufferings. But god would never get angry on us, similar to our loving parents, and he would try his level best to reduce the sufferings in our life. Most of the people would tell that even after worshipping the god for a long period of time, they are not getting solutions for their problems.

Some people would even get converted to other religions, since they may feel that by worshipping other religious god, they would get relief from their problems. But no god would give complete relief for us, if we have a very bad fate. Some people would even throw their family deity pictures in the dustbins due to their own personal problems. By doing that, they would have to face severe consequences in their lives, like sufferings from frequent illness and mental disorders. Some devotees would also change their gurus, if they didn’t get favourable results in their lives. But no Guru would completely change our entire fate, and they would try to reduce our sufferings and would give good withstanding powers for us.

Ancient Nayanmar saints though they were tested hardly by Lord Shiva, they didn’t curse him, and they didn’t hate him. Instead of that, they have shown more bhakti on Lord Shiva, and they were ready to sacrifice even their lives due to their sincere SHIVA BHAKTIon Shiva. But nowadays, even for our small, small problems, we are blaming the god, and also hating him. Some people would even use bad words on the almighty, but that doesn’t affect him.
Whatever problems we may face in this world, we have to observe strict patience and must gain more willpower in our life, and must develop more and more and more bhakti on the almighty. With our bhakti, we have to shake him, and must never maintain anger on him, at any point of time.

Ancient sages have done severe penance on the almighty, and even if they didn’t get the divine darshan of the deities, they would never get anger on him, but instead of that, they would again perform severe penance on him. We must always remember one thing in our mind, that, we are only dependent on the god, and god is not dependent on us.

Hence, let us chant the glorious names of Lord Shiva and be blessed.


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