Students of Scotland’s renowned Lomond School introduced to Hinduism

In a workshop, Hinduism was reportedly recently introduced to students of Lomond School in coastal Helensburgh, Scotland; a fully integrated 3 to 18 year co-educational institution.

Students of Lomond School, formed in 1977 but whose history goes back to 1845, were given outline about the practices, history and beliefs of Hinduism; oldest and third largest religion of the world; in this workshop, providing them with an awareness about what Hindus believed, reports suggest.

The students tried meditation and traditional Hindu attire as a part of various Hinduism related activities, in which they eagerly participated, reports add.

Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, described it as a step in the positive direction. He stressed the need of organizing Hindu Day in all the schools of Scotland where children should learn about basic concepts, symbols, art, music and traditions of Hinduism.

Rajan Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, pointed out that awareness about other religions thus created by organizing such days would make the Scotland pupils well-nurtured, well-balanced, and enlightened citizens of tomorrow. It also made a good business sense to know the beliefs of “others” in a global community. Moreover, students should have knowledge of the entire society to become full participants in the society, Zed added.

With a purpose to “develop the whole child”, Lomond School prepares its pupils “to be responsible and active global citizens”. It has active school partnerships in South Africa, Germany, USA and China. Johanna Urquhart is the Principal, while Alastair Hope is the Chair of Board of Governors.

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  1. Prof.Rao says:

    I would love to work honorarily to such a school
    Professor G V Rao, Professor of medicinal chemistry