Festivals at Pandupol Hanuman Temple, Alwar, Rajasthan

Lord Hanuman is the God of velour power, wisdom and great renown. The devotees believe that Hanuman dispels all fears and all spirits. All ailments caused by Ghosts, spirits, Goblins, Ghouls, Malignant, super natural powers such as Shakini, Dakini, Pishachini etc. Therefore, they propitiate the Lord for their own protection and the protection of their family.

Unique Features of the Temple

While in other temples of Hanuman, where usually see the deity in a standing posture or in a moving position. Here we find the Hanuman in a reclining position. The tail of the deity is also very long. Close by, is a cenotaph of Sant Nirbhaya Dassji.

Festivals and Fairs at the Temple

All festivals related to the Hindus are observed there. However, special functions are held on Hanuman Jayanti, Ramnavmi, Navratras etc.

The temple is held in great reverance and sacredness, therefore, use of wine, meat and eggs is strictly prohibited and no immoral action can be perpetuated here. The customs of the temple are observed without any compromise. Ladies carry the sacred thread and talismans from this temple for their little ones who they think will be protected by Lord Hanuman from the evil spirits.

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