Fate in Hinduism

As per Hinduism, the believers of fate are more. Most of the people used to console themselves during the period of distress, by telling that they have bad fate. According to Hinduism, fate is laid down by the creator god Brahma. He is doing his work perfectly and without any errors.

It is believed, that once when Brahma put the fate on us, even he himself is not supposed to change our fate. Fate is laid down based on the karmic deeds of the people. Once when the fate is written in the head of a person, nothing can be changed. In some special cases, due to divine intervention, the fate can be slightly changed, and that will happen only in rare cases..

A person’s entire life is determined based on his fate only. A person may study well and score good marks in the exams, whereas other person may secure poor marks, it all depends on the laid down fate on their heads. Some people would always be healthy, and mostly they would never suffer from any type diseases, whereas some people would always suffer from some sort of body tiredness, restlessness, uneasiness and frequent diversion of mind etc. They would suffer each and every moment of their life, and their life would become a tragedy.

Sick people cannot work properly, and they cannot lead their marriage life in a proper manner. Due to that, they have to face lot of difficulties in their life. Their wife and children may get separated from them, due to their physical and mental uneasiness, and they would keep on switching over the jobs without an end. At one point of time, either they would become mad, or they would commit suicide.

Now the question is: Is there is any solution for the person who has bad fate in his life? Is there is any possibility for him to improve himself according to the changing situations in his life? Is there is any way to prevent him from committing suicide? Is there is any way for him to come up in his career path?

Yes ways are there. And his fate also can be slightly changed, but it all depends on his dedication to the god. He may belong to any religion, but he must offer his sincere prayers to the god, according to his custom and tradition. He must never look his past, and positively think about his future only. And in case of people, who dedicate themselves to the service of the god, would definitely come up in their life, and their bad fate would be changed into good fate.


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