Which is more important, Karma (Action) or Bhagya (Destiny) ?

“Which is more important, Karma (Action) or Bhagya (Destiny)”? The question asked at the Satsang of Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of Art of Living. Guruji answered it like this.. Do you want to watch the television first or hear it first? Both of these go hand in hand. If there are two shops adjacent to […]

How can destiny or our actions decide our future?

How can destiny or our actions decide our future? Is it destiny or our actions that decides our future? I have heard many times that whatever is going to happen is already pre-decided. Is it true? If that is so, then we should not be made responsible for our good and bad actions. I have […]

Fate in Hinduism

As per Hinduism, the believers of fate are more. Most of the people used to console themselves during the period of distress, by telling that they have bad fate. According to Hinduism, fate is laid down by the creator god Brahma. He is doing his work perfectly and without any errors. It is believed, that […]

How destiny operates: A discourse on Destiny

Occasions will be numerous when a person has to take crucial decisions requiring sane judgement. His interests may be affected and hence he has to be doubly cautions. It is at this juncture that destiny operates. Those devoted to God will submit to fate’s ways. They will plead to the Almighty to grant them strength […]