How destiny operates: A discourse on Destiny

Occasions will be numerous when a person has to take crucial decisions requiring sane judgement. His interests may be affected and hence he has to be doubly cautions. It is at this juncture that destiny operates. Those devoted to God will submit to fate’s ways. They will plead to the Almighty to grant them strength to bear the staggering blows, as they will be fully conscious that no one will be spared by it.

For instance, everyone knows about the consequences of gambling. It will make even that astute fall into its dragnet. There will be innumerable advisers to encourage people to gamble, extolling the beneficial aspects but without warning that ruin will follow if they lose.

When stakes are involved, the chances of tempers running high and of resist it because of destiny. That was the chief reason why the wise Yudhishtirar agreed to play the game of dice at the invitation of Duryodhana. God the merciful always tries to save devotees from downfall.

In his discourse Sri Burra Sivaramakrishna Sarma said when Yudhishtirar displayed signs of disinclination to play, Duryodhan asked him not to be a coward. The idea behind asking the Pandava chief to join the game was to deprive him of his entire property as Duryodhana was jealous of the Pandavas prosperity as Duryodhana was jealous of the Pandavas prosperity.

Unable to conduct a Rajasuya yage or to defeat the Pandavas in a straight fight, Duryodhana resorted to the sinister plan of cheating, with connivance of his uncle, while throwing the dice. The Epic exposes the evil of envy and reveals how the unscrupulous will be punished if they allow the virtuous to suffer.

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