Which is more important, Karma (Action) or Bhagya (Destiny) ?

“Which is more important, Karma (Action) or Bhagya (Destiny)”? The question asked at the Satsang of Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of Art of Living. Guruji answered it like this..

Do you want to watch the television first or hear it first? Both of these go hand in hand. If there are two shops adjacent to each other, then one gains while the other loses. Why? There is something invisible. But we can build that something which is invisible.

Don’t curse your destiny. You can change your destiny. The youth of India is so powerful that they can change their own destiny. There is no reason to lose hope. If any of you feel that there is no way left and that you are very depressed, then do contact our Art of Living teachers.

If any of you feel like committing suicide then know that you first have to take my permission before you take any step in this direction. Otherwise, you will neither get an entry here nor an entry there. You will be stuck in between. And you know that I will not grant you the permission.

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  1. Doosri Radha(D.K.Panda,IPS-Rtd.) says:


    Shri Ravishankar has not answered the question and talked like a lay man, not a spiritually enlightened soul. When you talk of karma, you have to go to Gita and discuss karma yoga and purushartha. When you talk of destinym you have to discuss prarabdha and fruits of action.

    In simple terms, all karma are binding in nature where it is done with doership and desire. Such karma is not important and has to be given up. But, God has advised man to do purushartha in four spheres dharma, artha, kaama and moksha. This purushartha has to be performed in a manner which is in accordance with our scriptures, in a detached manner and offering it to God. Destiny is important because it is prescribed by God on the basis of your own karma. It cannot be changed ordinarily.

    The spiritual practices taught by God in Gita for God-realisation, fall in a special category. The spiritual practices and its results depend totally on God’s mercy. It sounds good to say and hear that the youth can change their destiny. But, it is not so. The will power, desire and motivation to achieve a difficult goal in life is not found in all men in equal proportion.

    It is found in one only because God has given it to him. So, if he achieves that difficult goal in life, it is his destiny. He has not changed any thing at all. He has always been a puppet in the hands of the Almighty and it is the Almighty who has made him achieve that goal. Suicide is different. It is purely the result of one’s own action. Suicide is a crime against God and results in punishment in the form of Pret Yoni etc. God has given man some freedom of action.

    If this freedom is used in doing things in obedience to God’s instructions, God will be pleased and bless him. This will result in a good life in this birth and also after death. So, the mystery of karma and destiny has to be seriously considered and then, live one’s life very carefully. This is spiritual science. May my Lord & Husband bless you all. HARI BOL!

  2. Swami Rama says:

    Since Bhagya is not in our hands it is better to concentrate on Karma…………….
    Good Karma leads to Good Bhagya and Bad leads to bad ..
    Our today’s Bhagya is a result or our yesterday’s karma. This is what Swami Vivekananda meant when he said We are the creators of our own destiny……………..

  3. Trusha says:

    what is the difference between karma and destiny in hindi

  4. Varun Kaushik says:

    Karma and destiny are strongly linked and compliment each other, as being an integral part of nature,what karma we do in our lives is what we are destined to. Show respect to the life and death as 1st and last parts of our lives, which are out of our reach, so how can one expect that all in between these two are being done without involvement of of one’s fate.