Effects of Jupiter in 9th House (Brihaspati in Bhagya Sthana)

Effects of Jupiter in 9th House, Positive Effects of Jupiter in 9th House, Negative Effects of Jupiter in 9th House…

Positive effects of Jupiter in House No. 9

His religious nature and support of elders will bring him good luck. He will be a man of words and religion will increase his wealth. His divine knowledge will grow as he grows old. He’ll have a long life of nearly 75 years. His parents will be rich landlords at the time of his birth. He will enjoy all-round prosperity and comfort and support of his parents. He will be a person of high conduct and character and will not take alcohol.

When Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu or not in House No. 2, 5, 9, 11 which are considered enemy planets, he will be a man of word and determination and his yogic condition will be decided by planets of House No. 2.

When Mercury is in House No. 4 or 5 he’ll be yogic king. When Sun is benefic he will never be irreligious and have success in life and get good health.

When male planets are in House No. 3, 5 Jupiter will become 3 times powerful and he will enjoy bountiful wealth.

Negative effects of Jupiter in House No. 9

When Jupiter is weakened by the aspect of enemy planets he will be poor and atheist and he may denounce the world.

When enemy planets like Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu are in House No. 5 he will be self-centred and have poor progeny.

When House No. 1 is blank he will have poor health and suffer from heart problem.

When House No. 3 and 5 are blank his life will be full of struggle.

When Mercury is malefic he will have a short life.

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