Develop Confidence by Worshipping Lord Krishna

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

We can develop more confidence in our life, through our regular prayers on the almighty. According to the Bhagavat Gita sayings of Lord Krishna, “Whoever worships me in a whole heartedly manner, would be protected by me, and would be saved by me in all sorts of difficulties in their life”. We must hear the voice of Lord Krishna through the Bhagavat Gita, and must develop more bhakti on him similar to the 15th century Varkari Saints of Maharashtra. If we show our sincere bhakti on him, he would never leave us alone, and would act like our close friend and would come with us in our every walk of life.

Hire and Fire is a term mentioned in the Job Market. It means employing a staff in an organisation and dismissing him from his employment, due to various reasons like poor performance, dullness, theft and poor health etc. In that situation, the employee can also ask for the reason of his dismissal. But the final deciding authority is the management, and whatever final decision it takes, that should be accepted by the employee.

In general, whenever we go for an interview, apart from our talents, the interviewers would verify the duration of the employment with our previous employers. Most of the employers want to us to serve for a minimum period of three years in their concern. If a candidate’s bio-data shows that within a few years, if he has worked in more than 10 to 12 companies, then no one would offer an employment at their place.

Some employers would throw out the files and the paper wait from their offices, if the employee commits any unbearable mistakes. Even while handling the office cash, the employee must carefully deal with it. Since sometimes, the cash might be misused by others, whereas the fault would be blamed on him.

One of my friends has worked for more than 40 companies within a span of 20 years. Somehow he used to get the job by way of recommendation, but after entering into it, due to his poor health, he couldn’t perform well in his job. Due to his ill health, he was criticised by others, but however in course of time, his health condition has improved, and now with the grace of the god, he has started his own business and he has hired more than 100 employees at his office.

But by remembering his past bitter experiences, he used to move politely with his staffs. In case of those staffs, who suffers from poor health condition, he used to give sufficient leave for them, and also he used to bear their medical expenses. But expecting such a kind of good employer is very difficult at this present situation. Hence if we are unable to work with a company, then instead of crushing our head by working with the private companies, we can start our own business like small shops or tiffin hotels, and in course of time, with the help of the great Lord Krishna, our business would be flourished.


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