Cat in Hinduism | Vehicle of Shashti Mata

Shashti Mata Goddess Sasthi

Shashti Mata Goddess Sasthi

Cats are also considered as the worshipful animal in Hinduism, since cat is the vehicle of Mata Shasti Devi, a female incarnation of Lord Muruga, who is worshipped mainly in North India, for child birth and for protecting the children. She is also considered to be Devasena, the consort of Lord Muruga. Shasti is worshipped by the people to protect their children from poxes and diseases, and she would also protect the children from sudden deaths and accidents.

According to a popular saying by North Indians, those parents who worship Mata Shasti, they shall never worry about their child, since Mata Shasti would do wonders in the life of the child, and gives prosperity, good health and wealth.

Cats are very clever animals, and they would be fond with their masters similar to dogs. They mainly like milk, and providing milk to the cats, would heals us from several dreaded diseases, and gives goodness to our life, and we would get the immense blessings of Ma Shasti Devi.

We can adopt cats as pets, and can give them suitable names, and if we call them fondly by using their names, they would immediately come before us and sits in our lap, like our own children.

Though they do mischievous acts, we can enjoy over it, and we have to consider it as our own child. Cats are better than humans, since they didn’t show any kind of hatred, enmity, pride, jealousy, and they would never tease us, which in general, humans would do.
Hence let us be fond with cats and feed them with proper food and water, and worship Mata Shasti for our well-being.


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  1. Sneha Visaria JSCT says:

    Very informative article… save lives of cats… they are wonderful domestic animals…