Budh Ashtami Vrat Vidhi

Budh Ashtami Vrata is performed on the day when Ashtami falls on Budhavar, Wednesday. Budhashtami is observed popularly in Maharashtra, Gujarat and other North Indian states.

On this day we have to pray to the Budha Graha for his blessings.

One has to fast the whole day and eat only the offering that has been offered as ‘Naivedya’ to the Lord Budha.

For  performing the pooja one needs an unpeeled  green cocnunt, a vessel (kalash), a 8 grams silver or gold coin with a picture of Budha or Budha idol.

One has to fill the kalash (vessel) with water pur the silver or gold coin in it. Place the green coconut on top of it and place this at a place which is at a height greater than where we sit. Normally over a small table.

Then one has to do the normal pooja and finally pray to lord Budha After praying one has to offer eatables and eat only these for that day.

This vrat has to be done consecutively for 8 times and then the silver or the gold coin can be given to a Brahmin who can perform the Budha pooja or one needs to keep praying on every Budha Ashtami to that gold or silver coin.

One who performs this vrat regularly will have the power to witness he past seven lives. He will gain wealth and also will escape from going to hell. There is a story which clearly helps us how people got  rid of going to hell.

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  1. Kaleshwari says:

    Thank you very much for detailed information on Budh Ashtami puja procedure and the great insights on Budhashtami vrat vidhi.

  2. Kantham says:

    Why we use un-peeled green coconut for Budh Ashtami Vrat. Why don’t we use dry coconut ?