Sant Balak Yogeshwar Das Ji Maharaj

Sri ParamaPujya Swami Balak Yogeshwar Maharaj was born in the year 1967 at a town in Kashmir in a pious Hindu family. During his childhood itself, his mother used to tell stories from Bhagavatham such as Prahalada Charitra and Dhruva Charitra.

The young Swami used to eagerly listen to the stories told by his mother, and after hearing the bhakti stories, he has also aimed to become a great Bhagavatha similar to Prahalada and Dhruva. Swami Yogeshwar used to attend the Yagnas in the temples, and would eagerly ask spiritual questions from the learned scholars and the Purohits.

At his teenage, he left his home and travelled to Haridwar, and stayed there at an ashram, and there he provided spiritual services to the people and also took care of the cows by keeping it in a cow shed. After staying for about a year in Haridwar, Swamiji went to Badrinath and there he performed rigorous meditation on Lord Shiva by observing Mouna Vrata (Strict silence). After some time, he met his spiritual Guru, Sri Avadhutji Maharaj in the holy mountain Himalayas. Through his guru’s guidance, Yogeshwar had learned lot of spiritual matters, and he shined like a bright sun. Swami Yogeshwar has got one nice statue of Lord Krishna, and daily he used to perform holy bath using milk to the divine child.

Swamiji has got some disciples, and he has initiated them in spirituality. After visiting lot of holy places, finally Swamiji returned to his homeland at Kashmir, and during the year 2003, he performed a big Yagna which was attended by about a million people. Still now Swamiji is interested in performing Yagnas, and he is doing that, by travelling throughout India, and he has given sainthood to lot of his disciples, and inculcated them in the bhakti path. He acts as a best example for others with regard to his spiritual aspects, and he gives lot of inspirational ideas to his devotees and disciples.


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