What is the purpose of this creation?

What is the purpose of this creation? For this doubt raised by a devotee in Art of Living Satsang, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji clarifying in his own words….

What is the purpose of any sports?
(Answer: To win or entertain)

Yes, just entertainment, or fun, isn’t it! Same way!

It is just that the Brahman was One in the beginning and he felt a little bored, so he said, ‘Let me become many.’ As soon as this thought came into the One consciousness, he multiplied himself into many.

Have you seen one of those big mirrors with a thousand small mirrors in it?

A person stands in front of one such mirror and he sees thousand figures of himself in a mirror. And each of those mirrors totally reflects the person. You can see your face completely in all the thousand mirrors.

It does not say, ‘When one mirror has completely caught your picture, how can it go into the other?’ No! This logic does not work, right?!
That is what it is, one Parmatman made itself into thousands and millions of images, but the Truth is one.

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