Ashtabhuja Ganesh Mandir, Ramtek

Among the various famous temples of Lord Ganesha, there is one popular temple dedicated to him, and it is situated in Ramtek, Maharashtra. The name of the temple is Sri Ashtabhuja Ganesh Mandir, and this temple is well-known for its spiritual significance.
The Ganesh deity, which, appears in the main shrine of the temple has got several hands and this idol appears to be very handsome, and it portrays Lord Ganesha in an infant form.

Sri Ashtabhuja Ganesh Mandir, is situated in a crowded area, and, hence, lot of devotees would visit this temple regularly, in order to pleasantly view the Ganesh deity. The temple is properly maintained by the Administrative department, and regular pujas are being performed at this temple on a daily basis.

As per ancient legend, once, Bhagavan Ganesha had destroyed the dreaded demon Sindurasur, and at the time of his death, he has asked a boon to Lord Ganesha, in order to convert his death place into a Ganesh Temple (which is the present place of Sri Ashtabhuja Ganesh Mandir). With a smiling face, Lord Vinayaka has granted him the boon, and also granted him salvation. During ancient period, the temple appears to be in a smaller size, but later it was expanded into a medium sized temple by the then kings of Maharashtra, and also by the devotees of Lord Ganesha.

As per ancient legend, once Mushika, the divine vehicle of Lord Ganesha, has got pride, since it lifts the first god Ganesha on its back. In order to remove the pride of Mushika, Ganesha has instructed him to perform penance for a few months at the present place of the Ashtabhuja Ganesh Mandir, Ramtek, and due to that, Mushika performed penance for some time, and after that, he went to the abode of Lord Ganesha, the wonderful Ganesha Loka.

Chandra Bhagawan once received curse from Bhagwan Ganesha, since he has laughed at the strange appearance of Lord Ganesha, and in order to get relieved from his curse, he also performed penance at the present place of the Ashtabhuja Ganesh Temple, Ramtek.

It is also believed that during the auspicious Vinayaka Chathurti festival day, the great sage and the staunch devotee of Lord Ganesha, Sri Purushundi visits this wonderful temple from the Ganesha Loka, in an invisible form, in order to watch the divine form (Full form) of Lord Vinayaka.

Hence let us try to visit this marvellous temple of Lord Ganesha, at least once in our lifetime, in order to add sweetness in our life, and also to get all kinds of prosperity in our life.


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