Ashtabhuja Ganesh Mandir, Ramtek

Among the various famous temples of Lord Ganesha, there is one popular temple dedicated to him, and it is situated in Ramtek, Maharashtra. The name of the temple is Sri Ashtabhuja Ganesh Mandir, and this temple is well-known for its spiritual significance. The Ganesh deity, which, appears in the main shrine of the temple has […]

Mahaganapati Temple, Ranjangaon | 8th Ashtavinayak Temple

Mahaganapati Ranjangaon Temple

Mahaganapati Temple, Ranjangaon is the last one or 8th of Ashtavinayak Temples. Mahaganapati temple is the spot where Lord shive is largely believed to have deeply worshipped Lord Ganesha before venturing into fight with the demon named Tripurasura. The people built a Ganesha temple as a mark of Shiva’s worshipping Ganesha. This village town was called […]

Vighnahar Temple, Ozar (Vighneshwara Ganpati) | 7th Ashtavinayak Temple

vighnahar Temple in Ozar

Vighneshwar Vinayak Temple, Ozhar (Vighnahar Ganpati Temple) is 7th of Ashtavinayak Temples in Maharashtra. In order to destroy the prayer organized by King Abhinandan, King of Gods Indra created a demon named Vighnasur. But the demon went ahead destroyed religious acts and all vedic. Ganesh defeated him because he wanted to answer the people’s prayers for protection. […]

Girijatmaj Temple, Lenyadri (Girijatmaj Ganesha) | 6th Ashtavinayak Temple

Girijatmaj Ganpati Temple in Lenyadri

Girijatmaj Temple, Lenyadri (Girijatmaj Ganesha Temple) is the 6th of Ashtavinayak Temples. According to the Hindu religious scholars and historians, it is largely believed that Shiva’s wife, Parvati suddenly performed at this point penance in order to beget Ganesha. It is to be noted that Girija’s (Parvati’s) Atmaj (son) is Girijatmaj. In a cave complex of […]

Chintamani Temple, Theur (Chintamani Ganpati) | 5th Ashtavinayak Temple

Chintamani Ganpati Temple

Sri Chintamani Temple, Theur (Chintamani Ganpati) is the 5th of Ashtavinayak Temples. According to the local people of Theur, for sage Kapila, Lord Ganesha at this spot is largely believed to have got back the popular and precious Chinatamani jewel from the greedy Guna. Later jewel was put it in Vinayaka’s (Ganesha’s) neck by sage Kapila […]

Varada Vinayak Temple, Mahad | 4th Ashtavinayak Temple

Varad Vinayak Temple Mahad

Varada Vinayak Temple, Mahad is the 4th of Ashtavinayak Temples in Maharashtra. The story regarding Shri Varada Vinayak of Mahad is really interesting. Sage Vachaknavi’s wife Mukunda cursed Prince Rukmangad to suffer from leprosy when he refused her illicit call.Later she bore a child named Grutsamad through Indra who successfully deceived her as Rukmangad. After some years, […]

Ballaleshwar Temple, Pali | 3rd Ashtavinayak Temple

Ballaleshwar Ganpati Temple in Pali

Ballaleshwar Temple in Pali, Raigad district is the 3rd of Ashtavinayak Temples near Pune, Maharashtra. According to Historians and Hindu religious scholars, Lord Ganesha is largely believed to have immediately saved a boy-devotee named Ballala who was badly beaten by his father named Kalyani-seth and local villagers. The only reason was his single-minded devotion towards Ganesha. In […]

Siddhatek Siddhivinayak Temple | 2nd Ashtavinayak Temple

Siddhitek Siddhivinayak Temple

Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhatek is the 2nd of Ashtavinayak Temples near Pune. It is to be noted that this is the only idol among the eight Ganeshas that has the trunk perfectly positioned to the right side. After propitiating Ganesha, Lord Vishnu is supposed to have vanquished the asuras Kaitabh and Madhu here. According to the historians and […]

Mayureshwar Ganesha Temple, Morgaon | 1st Ashtavinayak Temple

Mayureshwar Morgaon Temple

Mayureshwar Ganesha temple, Morgaon (Moreshwar Temple) is the 1st of Ashtavinayak Temples around Pune. According to Shastra of the Hindu religion, first a devotee has to visit Moreshwar of Moregaon. Then only visit other Vinayaka temples such as Siddhatek, Pali, Mahad, Thevur, Lenyandri, Ozar, Ranjangaon, and then again return back to Moregaon. With this return to started […]

Ballaleshwar Vinayak Temple, Pali in Maharashtra

Ballaleshwar Vinayak Temple Pali Ashtavinayak

Ballaleshwar Temple in Pali is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is one of the Asthavinayak Temples in Maharashtra. This temple is famous by the name of his devotee and the lord here is dressed up as a brahmin. Legend of Ballaleshwar According to legend, there lived a young boy by the name Ballal in Pali […]