Girijatmaj Temple, Lenyadri (Girijatmaj Ganesha) | 6th Ashtavinayak Temple

Girijatmaj Ganpati Temple in Lenyadri

Girijatmaj Ganpati Temple in Lenyadri

Girijatmaj Temple, Lenyadri (Girijatmaj Ganesha Temple) is the 6th of Ashtavinayak Temples.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and historians, it is largely believed that Shiva’s wife, Parvati suddenly performed at this point penance in order to beget Ganesha.

It is to be noted that Girija’s (Parvati’s) Atmaj (son) is Girijatmaj. In a cave complex of 18 caves of Buddhist origin, this temple is located amidst. In the 8th cave is this temple. These are also popularly known Ganesh-leni.

From a single stone hill, this temple was carved out well. The temple has 307 steps. The temple hall is 7feet in height, 51feet wide and 53feet long. The hall doesn’t have any pillars that are its specialty.

The idol has to be directly worshipped from the rear side of the temple. The idol has its trunk to the left and faces north. From the rest of the Ashtavinayak idols, this particular idol totally seems to be slightly different in a sense it appears carved like the other idols or to be not very well designed. This particular idol can be directly worshipped by anyone. Even in this modern age, temple authority hasn’t used the electric bulb in the temple.

The temple is lighted up by the sun-rays. The constructed is done in such way.

The temple is situated 94 km from Pune on the Pune-Nashik highway and 12 km from Narayangaon. The Nearest railway station is Talegaon. Lenyadri is about 5 km from Junnar. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born in Shivaneri castle which is 5 to 6 km from this temple. The devotees can visit this cave at any time.

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