Ashada Masam importance | Why Ashad month is inauspicious?

What is the importance or significance of Ashada masam? Why Ashad month considered inauspicious? This article gives brief details and information about Ashada masam. Ashada masam or Ashad month, also corresponds and coincides with Aadi Masam or Aadi month in Tamil calendar, is considered as inauspicious in Hindu Astrology.

Significance of Ashada Masam in Telugu

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Ashada Maasa 2023 in Kannada calendar

Ashada Maas 2023 in Marathi Panchang

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Ashada Mahina 2023 in North Indian Hindi calendar

Auspicious programs like Marriages, gruhapravesh, sacred thread wearing, beginning house constructions (Shankhu Sthapana), and many other important functions are postponed due to Ashada month. It is also known as Shunya masam (Null month).

In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, there is a rare ritual followed in Ashada masam that newly married daughter in law and her mother in law will not stay at one home. Newly married couple stay away from each other in Ashad month i.e., wife goes to her mother’s house for a month. After spending Ashada masam at her mother’s house, she comes back in Shravan month. Hindu Astrology has every reason to explain this rare ritual followed in Ashadh maas. Usually, Ashad month comes in June – July in Gregorian calendar. When a newly wedded couple got their sexual interaction in June, there is a chance of delivering baby in hot summer. New-born baby and mother may suffer a lot from the heat and temperature in summers. To avoid this, newly married couples are advised to be parted during this month.

People apply Mehndi designs on their hands and feet in Ashad month in many places of India. The main reason behind is to get rid of the effects of climate changes that may occur in this month (June – July).

Even though Ashada mahina is inauspicious for auspicious programs, it is very auspicious for pujas and vrata. Rath Yatra in Puri Jagannath temple and Palki Yatra in Pandharpur Vittala temple are celebrated in Ashad month. Chaturmas Vrat begins in this month. As per ‘Vaikhanasa Samhita’, devotees should worship Saptamatruka shakti Goddesses, Lord Bhairava, Varaha, Narasimha, Mahishasura Mardhini, Goddess Durga in Dakshinaya period which begins in Ashada Masa.

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  1. Jaithra says:

    why married girls going to mom house in aadi month

  2. Gurmukh Gurnam says:

    is it good to buy bike in tamil month aadi

  3. Japendra says:

    ashada month hindu calendar and sending wife to parents house

  4. Sanobar says:

    why is a bride sent home in ashada month

    • Harish says:

      People say Family distractions between wife & Inlaw, technically if they conceive during Ashada, kid will be born in the month where season changes, as we all know kids & mom may not adjust to season change & variance in health conditions, it will be too hot Summer also

  5. Alisha says:

    it is ok if we intercourse while starting aashad maas

  6. Vihaan says:

    is couple intercourse is allowed in this sawan mahina

  7. Vandan says:

    why married women leave to their home in ashada masam

  8. Jinisha says:

    why new wedded bride remains on her parents home in saawan

  9. Eklavya says:

    why marriages not take place in ashada mahina

  10. Devakumar says:

    wht wife and husband leave seprately in ashdam saeson

  11. Akriti says:

    why do married girls are not allowed to stay with husband in Ashada

  12. Sharda says:

    why newly weds does see face of inlaws in aashad

  13. Vaijayantimala says:

    what is significance of babys birth in ashada

  14. Aradhana says:

    why is wife sent to mothers home for ashada the 1st year after marriage

  15. Prahalad says:

    tamil ashada masam 2013 to get married soon poojas

  16. Nibodh says:

    when is the ashad masam in 2013 for marathi madhwa

  17. Vidya says:

    why wearing mehndi on the month of aadi

  18. Pururava says:

    why women go to parents during shravan month

  19. Manjari says:

    Why wives are sent to mothers house in ashada

  20. Ranganath says:

    sawan month daughter in law can meet mother in law

  21. Tanuka says:

    bring son in law in maasam after marriage

  22. Niketan says:

    why husband and wife should be far during ashada

  23. sreeram says:

    Asadha masam = Rainy Season = June + July months = In ancient india, economy is dependent on agriculture. Sowing of seeds is to be done in this season when land is fertile and is wet with rain water i.e. men are supposed to be doing their field agricultural work. Doing upaneyam or marriage, means keeping himself away from agricultural work. If man does not sow seeds, then there is no harvest subsequently. So during the rain the human emotions get aroused, due to cool weather and man cannot go out during rain and likely to spend time with his new bride, which is undesirable. If the young men are with their new brides does not go to work, then it is a burden for the father-in-law who has to manage all the field work. Hence it is felt better if the bride goes to her native place and men do not get diverted and work in agricultural field and later during spring the bride can come back to have conjugal bliss. This asadha masam concept is applicable only for newly wed brides and that too for the first year only.

  24. Lokesh says:

    July month we have sex husband wife there is any restrection

  25. Swetha says:

    I am married for more than 4years. but I don’t have kids . Can we plan for kids in this month.

  26. Manoj says:

    Yes you can plan but ypu have to suffer in summer season if you would conceive in ashada.

  27. A S Murthy says:

    Can any one clarify whether sisters invite brothers for lunch/dinner and offer him New clothes? Similarly brothers invite their sisters and so on.

  28. murali says:

    1)if i start my career job in the month of the june. may i face any problems..

    2)completed studying and in the month of the june i have joined in the company..and situation and atmosphere is not supporting me..what should i do..?

  29. Mamta Kankariya says:

    Due to family prblm we have take possession to new house ,and there was no maharat till 14 january so due to these reasons we did grah puja in ashadh month ,, but my husband ,youngest daughter ,my self having little skin problm is all this of the puja did and grah pravesh ashadh month ,,,, if so ,,,,what to do next… we want to go to stay there,by diwali,,,,

  30. saroja v Gupta says:

    Can the couple stay seperately in the same house in different rooms without any connections.

    Mother in law can’t go to anywhere.

    Please clarify urgently.

  31. saroja v Gupta says:

    Can the couple stay in the same house in different rooms seperately.
    No alternative to go anywhere.
    Mother in law will also stay with them.
    No alternative for anyone.
    Please clarify.

  32. Parinitha says:

    Can we get engaged in ashadam

  33. N Jayaram says:

    I want change the house urgently give me one date from 10.07.2017, to 20.07.2017

  34. ashwini says:

    we are not together sexually in this ashada month. but due to last month we are together this month i got preganent. is there any problem occurs due to this?

  35. kaveri says:

    due to unavoidable situation we are planning to shift into a rented house in the month of adi after amavasya ( as per other panchangs shravan starts) 27th july (adi 11) is mentioned as vastu naal in the calendar . I request you to advice us as early as possible.

    • Harish says:

      Better Do Warming before Amavasya & at least 1 Knight u need to sleep in the house after warming, its better if u do simple Ganesha homa pooja or ts fine, later you can shift any time….Note : Warming pooja time is Important than Shifting

  36. karunamayi says:

    if any one gives birth to male baby during ashadamasam that to on tuesday it may cause lot of problems to that kid parents and they have to suffere a lot after 3 months of baby born

  37. Kiwi says:

    Y we should not buy a bike in ashada masam??

    Did god said them we should not buy….

  38. S Rajaraman says:

    Equivalent of Ashada, is Aadi in Tamil. This month is solely devoted to worship of women deities; no auspicious function like marriage, upanayana (barring Seemantham, Ayushya homam etc) are performed int his month. Newly married couple are also separated during this month.

  39. Vaishnavi says:

    They can see there husband face or not