Dhanteras, 28 October 2016 | Dhana Trayodashi

16-days Mahalakshmi Vrat

28 October 2016 is Dhanteras (Dhana Trayodashi). It marks the beginning of Diwali festival in most of the places in India. The business people perform Lakshmi Pujan and Kuber Pujan for wealth and prosperity in their businesses. This day is also observed as Dhanvantari Jayanti. Lord Dhanvantari is the Lord of Ayurveda (Indian Traditional Medicine) in Sanatan […]

Vijayawada Kanakadurga Bhavani Deeksha 2016-2017 in Durga Malleshwara Swamy Temple


Vijayawada Kanakadurga Bhavani Deeksha 2016 begins on November 10, Karthika Ekadashi day with utmost gaiety. Bhavani Deeksha ends in last week of December 2016. Nearly 10-15 lakh devotees are expected to visit the temple for Kanaka durga darshanam this year. Mandala deeksha of the devotees would commence from November 10 and continue till December 20, 2016 to 24 December. Apart from […]

Vahana: Sanskrit name for Airbus’ upcoming self-flying vehicle


Hindus have welcomed naming of Airbus Group’s new project, an electric autonomous flying vehicle platform for individual passenger and cargo transport, as Vahana. Vahana, a Sanskrit word generally translated as vehicle or carrier, prominently figures in ancient Hindu texts Puranas and is associated with many deities. Claimed as “future of urban mobility” and aimed at […]

29 October 2016 – Kali Chaudas, Naraka Chaturdashi, Roop Choudas

29 October 2016 is Kali Chaudas, Narak Chaturdasi (Chota Diwali) and Roop Choudas. It is the 2nd day of five-day Diwali festival celebrations. Hanuman Puja is also observed on this day in Gujarat and some other Western regions of India. Kali Chaudas (Kali Choudash Puja) falls on 14th day in Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month […]

Diwali Lakshmi Puja 2016 Time, Muhurat

Diwali Lakshmi Puja Time on 30 October 2016 is given here for all Indian cities. Pradosh Kaal, Nishita Kaal, Maha Nishita Kaal, Vrishabha Lagna, Simha Lagna & Karka Lagna are the auspicious muhurat for Lakshmi Puja on Deepavali. Diwali Lakshmi Pooja Muhurat is given for all these cities here…. Jammu, Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir), Chandigarh, Jalandhar, […]

Narak Chaturdasi Pujan | Naraka Chaturdashi Pooja

Narak Chaturdashi, also known as Choti Diwali, is the most auspicious day during Diwali festival as it is the day during which demon Narakasura was demolished by Lord Krishna. As per the Puranas, those who perform bath ritual before sunrise would get rid of Yam lok darshan. They will not get Narak praptthi. ‘Apamarga Prokshana’ […]

Diwali Aarti Time 2016 (Timings for Deepavali Harathulu)

Diwali Aarti Time 2016 (Timings for Deepavali Harathulu) is given here. In 2016, Diwali date is October 30 and Naraka Chaturdashi is on October 29. Most of the people perform Diwali Aarti on Naraka Chaturdashi as Amavasya is not preferable for taking Aarti. Hence, for most of the communities, Deepavali Aarti date is October 29. For […]

Naraka Chaturdashi Mantras: Stotras, Slokas to chant during Narak Chaturdashi Snan

Narak Chaturdashi is the second day of 5-day Diwali festival. It is also called as Choti Diwali. Kali Chaudas Puja is observed on Naraka Chaturdashi. Narak Chaturdashi Snan is considered as the most auspicious ritual to perform on this day. Narak Chaturdasi 2016 date is October 29. It is believed that this festival marks the […]

Exact Time for Diwali Lakshmi Puja, Deepavali Laxmi Pooja Muhurat

Exact time or Shubh Muhurat for Diwali Lakshmi Puja may differ from region to region. Diwali Laxmi Puja 2016 date is October 30. To perform Lakshmi Puja on Deepavali, Pradosh kaal, Nishit kaal and Mahanishita Kaal are very auspicious timings. These muhurats may vary day by day, but during Diwali 2016, Pradosh kaal is between 5.34 […]

Choti Diwali 2016 (Narak Chaturdashi)

Choti Diwali, also known as Narak Chaturdashi, is the day before Diwali festival. In 20156, Choti Diwali date is October 29. This festival is considered as Small Diwali as on this day crackers are burst in small scale. All preparations for Diwali are done on Choti Diwali day. Devotees clean their houses and Rangoli designs […]