Ashadhi Beej 2022 date

Ashadhi Beej is an auspicious day for farming communities in North India especially Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and some other places. In 2022, Ashadhi Beej date is July 1.

Ashadhi Beej falls on the second day in bright half of Ashadhi Month (Ashadhi Sud Beej).

This is a small festival mainly celebrated to predict the monsoon. During Ashadhi Beej the formers, Jyotish and agricultural experts check the moisture in the atmosphere to help predict which crop would be the best one in coming monsoon.

This is to note that on Ashadi Beej day, Rath Yatra is celebrated all over the world. And specially, Puri Jagannath Rathyatra and Ahmedabad Rathyatra are the two very famous Rathyatra events in India.

Panchang, Ashadhi Beej 2022 – 1 July


आषाढ़ मास
शुक्ल पक्ष

तिथि: द्वितीया 13:09:44
नक्षत्र: पुष्य 27:56:19*
योग: व्याघात 10:46:29
करण: कौलव 13:09:44
करण: तैतिल 26:15:26*

सूर्य: मिथुन
चन्द्र: कर्क

राहुकाल: 10:49:29-12:30:45
यमगंड: 15:53:18-17:34:35
गुलिक: 07:26:56-09:08:13

दुर्मुहुर्त: 08:27:42-09:21:43
दुर्मुहुर्त: 12:57:46-13:51:47
वर्ज्य: 10:03:41-11:50:56

अभिजितर्मुहुर्त: 12:06:45-12:54:45
अमृतकाल: 20:47:16-22:34:31

In 2021, Ashadhi Beej date is July 12.

In 2020, Ashadhi Beej date is June 23.

In 2019, Ashadhi Beej date was July 4.

In 2018, Ashadhi Beej date was July 14.

In 2017, Ashadhi Beej date was June 25.

In 2016, Ashadhi Beej date was July 6.

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