Ashad Month good or bad?

Ashad Month good or bad? If you any fears, doubts, superstitions on Ashada Month, read this article. If can give you brief idea about Ashada Month, Hindu calendar’s fourth month. According to North Indian Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Marathi calendars, Ashada Month is 4th Month. And in Gujarati Panchang, Ashada Month is 9th month.

All the above calendars consider Ashada Month as Shunya Masam or the month with no Shubha Muhurat for auspicious events. And in some places like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the newly-wed couple stay away from each other. Due to this, wife goes to her mother’s house.

Everything has a scientific reason behind it in Sanatan Dharma. Since Ashada Month falls in June-July, if a newly-wed woman conceives during this month the baby birth (delivery) may happen during the mid-summer of March-April. Summer is not a good period for baby birth in terms of baby’s health as the baby may suffer from extreme heat and temperature.

And when it comes to Aradhana or Puja part, Ashada Month is very auspicious for any puja. As there will be no functions in around your circle, you can concentrate more on God.

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