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Vidyaranya Jayanti | Swami Vidyaranya Jayanthi

Vidyaranya Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Vidyaranya Swami. Vaishakha Shukla Saptami is celebrated as Vidyaranya Jayanthi. In 2018, Vidyaranya Jayanti date is April 22.

Vidyaranya, also known as Madhavacharya or Madhava Vidyaranya, was the patron saint and priest in Vijayanagara Empire. He was born in the year 1268 in Ekasila Nagaram (Warangal).

Saint Vidyaranya is the author of ‘Sarvadarsana Sangraha’, a compendium of different philosophical schools of Hinduism which is known as one of the important texts in Advaita Vedanta tradition.

Vaishakh Shukla Saptami is also celebrated as Ganga Saptami / Jahnu Saptami / Gangotpatti / Gangavataran.

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