Mahamaham | Maha Magam

Mahamaham, also known as Mahamagham, is a Hindu festival which is celebrated once in 12 years in the Mahamaham tank located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. And the holy tank consists of the water from the holy rivers Mata Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Narmada, Godavari, Krishna, Tungabhadra, Kaveri, and Sarayu. Next Mahamaham festival will be celebrated in […]

Kritavarma in Mahabharata

Kritavarma was one of the Yadava warriors and a ruler of a small kingdom, and he was also a relative of Lord Krishna. He was mentioned in Mahabharata, and in other sacred texts. According to ancient texts, he was born as a fearless person, and was considered as a pious and holy person among the […]

Name, Fame & Wealth

Everybody is interested to attain name, fame and wealth at their young age itself. Some would try their interest levels in dance, drawing, music and singing etc. But for all of them, attaining good name, fame and wealth is not possible. Only those who take keen interest in their respective fields, and exhibit their talents […]


A criminal is someone who acts against the law. A criminal may be a murderer, terrorist, thief, or even when a person evades the tax, he is also called as criminal. A criminal is not a born one. A criminal is formed due to many other reasons like Unemployment problems, family problems, psychological problems, problems […]

Poverty & Unemployment – Worst Enemies of Mankind

Poverty and unemployment are the worst enemies of the mankind, and both sails in the sea in the same boat. Unemployment problems prevails in almost all the countries, and the reason is due to changes in economy, increase in commodity prices, inflation, change in rate of exchange, poor export and import policy and problems due […]

Fate in Hinduism

As per Hinduism, the believers of fate are more. Most of the people used to console themselves during the period of distress, by telling that they have bad fate. According to Hinduism, fate is laid down by the creator god Brahma. He is doing his work perfectly and without any errors. It is believed, that […]


Dreams are the common occurrence in everybody’s life. Some memorable thoughts stored in our mind would be executed in the form of dreams. Dreams may be bad dreams as well as good dreams. Some people may get the vision of their favourable saints and deities in their dreams, and some may get bad dreams. In […]

Special Children

Special children are considered as the sons of the god, and hence they are known as Special children. Throughout their life, they will not commit sins and knowingly they will never harm others, they are innocent, and doesn’t know the things happening around them. Most of the special children contains defect in their mind and […]

Young Age

Young age is the very important stage in our life cycle. During this age, we would be innocent, and we would be playful and childish in nature. We didn’t know about the differentiation between good and bad things, and usually our parents would teach us, to move properly in the world. We can play indoor […]

Indian Freedom Fighters

During the last two centuries, freedom fighters had contributed a lot towards getting freedom for India. They have struggled hard and even gave their life for making the country into an independent India. Most prominent freedom fighters who participated in the freedom fighting movement are like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Nehru, V.O.C (Vallinayagan Ulaganathan Chidambaram), […]

Temple Priests

Temple priests are considered as pious people, since they are spending their valuable time inside the sanctum of the Temples. Temple priests usually belonged to Brahmins, but in some Shakti Temples and Temples in some villages, people belonging to various communities also used to perform puja. Since the almighty is giving his blessings equally to […]

Jakkana, Author of ‘Vikramarka Charithramu’

Peram Raju Jakkana is a famous Telugu poet who lived during the 15th century AD. He was born in a pious Telugu Brahmin family in Andhra Pradesh. He served as a poet in the court of the great king Proudha Devarayalu. His famous work is ‘Vikramarka Charithramu’, which mentions the life history of the great […]

Ashad Month 2020 | Ashada Masam, Ashad Maas dates

Ashad month or Ashada masam or Ashad maas or Ashada mahina is the 4th month in traditional lunar calendar followed in North India, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In 2020, Ashad month begins on June 6 and ends on July 5 as per Hindi calendars followed in North Indian states – Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, […]

Swami Ashokananda

Swami Ashokananda (20th century AD) was a native of Kashmir, and an ardent devotee of Sri Ramakrishna. He stayed in an Ashram at Kashmir, and gave valuable suggestions and teachings to his disciples. Now his followers have changed the Ashram with modern facilities, and they have built some guest houses near the Ashram, for the […]

Swami Govindananda

Swami Govindananda (20th century AD) was lived in a small hut in the banks of the river Jhelum at Srinagar, Kashmir. He was a holy person, and used to take only one meal a day. He used to study spiritual books, and practised Yoga, and revealed his Kundalini Shakti. He was a siddha and Ayurveda […]

Problems from Diseases, Evil Spirits & Black Magic

Our human life consists of full of problems and worries. At any time anything can happen to us. We have to do our daily duties, take care of our health, take care of our family, and apart from that we have to worship the almighty. Even though, if we maintain lot of precautionary measures, without […]

Friendship & Enmity

Friendship and enmity are the two opposite terms. Developing friendship with good persons is well appreciable, whereas showing enmity with others would cause severe impact on their life. Whether developing friendship or not, that is not a problem, but getting enemies is a worst thing, which we should never do in our life. In general […]

Quarrels, Tensions, Worries

Nowadays in the present day life, quarrels, tensions and worries are happening in our regular course of life. People are making fights and quarreling with each other for small, small things, and due to that, they are committing murders also. Some bad people would get tensed for very small things, and they would attack others. […]

Slavery system

Slavery system exists since ancient times. Though now the system is almost abolished, yet in certain places, the employers are treating their employees as bonded labourers and slaves. They are becoming bonded labourers after they sign the terms of agreement with their employers. They are not even provided proper food, and forcefully they are compelled […]

Vivaswat Saptami 2020 | Vivaswata Saptami in Ashada Maas

Vivaswat Saptami or Vivaswata Saptami is the birthday or first appearance day of Vivaswat Manu. In 2020, Vivaswat Saptami date is June 27. It is observed on Saptami day in Shukla Paksha of Ashada Maas.  Vivaswat Saptami is also celebrated as Bhanu Saptami. On this day the Sun God or Surya Bhagawan is worshipped. Vivaswata […]