Neem Karoli Baba (Neeb Karori Baba)

Neem Karoli Baba (1900-1973) was a Hindu guru, and a devotee of Lord Hanuman. His famous disciples are Ram Dass, Bhagavan Das and Krishna Das. His ashrams are situated in Vrindavan, Rishikesh, NeemKaroli village in Uttar Pradesh, and in USA. His birth name was Lakshmi Narayan Sharma. LIFE He was born in a village at […]

Kaduveli Siddhar

Kaduveli Siddhar was born in a village in Tindivanam and performed several miracles even at his younger age itself. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati and has written many songs and sung in praise of them. He went to Thanjavur and Kanchipuram and performed severe meditation on Lord Shiva. He […]

Kalathiappar Temple, Kalahasthi

Sri Kalathiappar temple is located in the holy town named Kalahasthi, in the district of Chittoor, in the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India. The chief deities of this temple are Kalathiappar, Kalatheeswarar (Lord Shiva) and his consorts are Gnanaparasunambikai, Gnanapoongothai and Gnanasundari. The holy tree of this temple is Vilwa. The holy water […]

Nageswarar Temple, Tirunageswaram, Thanjavur

Sri Nageswarar temple is located in the village named Tirunageswaram in the district of Thanjavur, in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. The primary deity of this temple is Nageswarar, Naganathar (Lord Shiva) and his consort is Periya Nayaki. The holy tree of this temple is Vilwa. The holy water of this temple […]

Arulveli Siddhar

Sri Arulveli Siddhar (20th century) was born in a village in Madurai and lived in Parrys, Mannadi area and hence he was also called as Mannadi Baba. During his period he has done lot of miracles in the life of his devotees and increased their faith on god. He has got rich as well as […]

Dhulivandan 2020 date | Dhulivandan in Maharashtra during Holi

Dhulivandan is an important festival in Maharashtra and Goa celebrated on the next day of colourful Holi festival. It has great significance for agriculture and farming communities. In 2020, Dhulivandan date is March 10. The festival falls on the first day (Pratipada) of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in Phalgun month as per Marathi calendar. Farmers […]

Buy Herbal colours for Holi 2020 in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Gurgaon

If you wandering where to buy or purchase herbal colours for Holi 2020 in Delhi Hyderabad Bangalore and Gurgaon, then here is the list of shops and stores that sell herbal and safe eco-friendly colours. It is to note that Holi 2020 dates are – March 9. Shops or stores to buy Natural colours for […]

Holi Abhyangasnan | Abhyanga Snan on Dhulivandan

Holi Abhyangasnan (Abhyanga Snan on Dhulivandan) is an ritual bath performed mainly in Maharashtra, Gujarat and other North Indian states. In 2020, Holi Abhyangasnan date is March 10. Abhyaga Snana – items or material required Herbal oil for massage on head and body Utane – It is a powder containing various ingredients such as Kapur […]

Amavasya March 2020 date | Time of Amavasai

Amavasya or No Moon day in March 2020 is Chaitra Amavasya & Phalguna Amavasya in calendars followed in North Indian calendars & Amavasyant calendars respectively. Amavasya date in March 2020 is March 23|24. Amavasya March 2020 Timings Amavasai on March 23 begins at 12.29 PM and ends at 2.57 PM on 24th March. This Amavasya […]

Sankashti March 2020 | Sankat Chaturthi

Sankata Hara Chaturthi or Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi is observed on the Chaturthi or Chavithi, the fourth day of Krishna Paksha during every Hindu month. In March 2020, Sankashti Chaturthi date is March 12, Thursday. Sankashti Chaturthi on 12 March 2020 This day corresponds with the Krishna Paksha Chaturthi in Chaitra Month as per North Indian […]

Chaiti Mangalabara 2020 | Chaiti Mangalavara Osha or Chait mahina Vrata in Odisha

Chaiti Mangalabar or Chaiti Mangalabara Osha is the vow observed on Tuesdays during Chait mahina or Chaitra month in Odisha. This brata is dedicated to Goddess Mangala. In 2020, Chaiti Mangalavara vrata dates are – March 10, March 17, March 24, March 31 and April 7. Mangala Devi Puja or Shakti Puja is performed during […]

Srimad-Bhagavatam: The Transcendental literature

Religion includes four primary subjects, namely pious activities, economic development, satisfaction of the senses, and finally liberation from material bondage. Irreligious life is a barbarous condition. Indeed, human life begins when religion begins. Eating, sleeping, fearing, and mating are the four principles of animal life. These are common both to animals and to human beings. […]

Dola Purnima 2020 | Dol Poornima, Holi Festival in Orissa

Dola Purnima or Dol Poornima is the auspicious day during Holi festival celebrations in Orissa. In 2020, Dola Purnima date is March 9. The celebrations of Dola Purnima are similar to that of Dol Purnima festival in Bengal. In Orissa and Bengal,Holi celebrations will begin on Phagu Dasami and end on Phalgun Poornima or main […]

Arunachala Mahatmyam

Arunachaleswara Temple, also called as Annamalaiyar Temple,is a Hindu temple of Lord Shiva, located at Arunachala hill in the town of Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the Pancha Bhoota Stalas, and Lord Shiva is worshipped as an element of fire in this temple. Shiva is worshiped as Arunachaleswara or Annamalaiyar, and he […]

Upset Hindus seek apology from supermodel Ambrosio for trivializing sacred icon to sell bikinis

Upset Hindus are urging supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio to publicly apologize and re-name her recently launched bikini collection Yantra; calling it highly inappropriate. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that ancient Yantra, visual equivalent of mantra, which represented the Goddess and the cosmos, was a serious and sacred symbol/concept […]

Amavasya February 2020 date, Time

Amavasya in February 2020, No Moon, is known as Phalguna Amavasya in North Indian Hindi calendars. Amavasya February 2020 date is February 23, Sunday. It is Magha Amavasya as per Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, and Kannada calendars. Holy dip or performing punya snan on this Amavasya in Triveni Sangam of Allahabad, Haridwar, and Varanasi is highly […]

February 2020 Amavasya Tharpanam Sankalpam Mantras

February 2020 Amavasya Tharpanam Sankalpam Mantras are given here. In February 2020, Amavasya date is 23 February. Amavasya of February 2020 is Amavasya of Magha Month, Falgun Month, Masi Masam, Kumbha Masam in Amavasyant Chandramana Panchangams of South India (& Gujarat, Maharashtra), North Indian Hindi calendars, Tamil calendars and Malayalam calendars respectively. 23 February 2020 […]

Mookiah Swamigal

Mookkaiah Swamigal was born in a village at Madurai in a pious Hindu family. He was very much interested in seeking the spiritual path, and become a disciple of Mayandi Swamigal, and learnt the divine subjects from him, and practiced yoga and meditation under his guidance.He left his house and fully concentrated on spirituality. Though […]

Vallabha Siddhar

Several centuries ago, there lived a Siddhar in Madurai known as Sri Vallabha Siddhar, and he was considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He was an ardent Shiva devotee and contains great spiritual powers. He has healed the people from diseases and spread the bhakti on Lord Shiva among the people. Once, he has […]

Palraj Siddhar

Palraj siddhar was born in the year 1991 into a pious Hindu family at a city near Coimbatore.He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and used to perform Puja and Abhishekham to the Shiva Lingam in the Shiva Temples. Palraj Siddhar lived only for a short span of 16 years. During that period itself, […]