Zang Trai | Zang Tri | Zang Trey

Zang Trai (Zang Tri | Zang Trey) is an auspicious occasion falls on 3rd day of Navreh, the Kashmiri New Year. In 2020, Zang Trai date is March 27, Friday.

It falls on Chaitr Sud Tritya (3rd day of Chaitra Month) in Kashmiri Jantri based on Saptarshi Panchang system.

There is a tradition of Kashmiri Pandit women paying a visit to their parental house as a ritual on Zang Trai day. And on their return their parents give them salt and some money (atghat) as a token of good omen and prosperity.

According to Hindu religious history, Lord Shiva created the Universe on Nowreh. On the third day, His Consort (Parvati) paid a visit to Her parent’s home. So, all Kashmiri married women go to their MALYUN for an hour or two, conveying good wishes for the new year, and then return to their homes.

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