Sonth | Chaitr Sankrat

Sonth marks the beginning of Chaitra Month in Kashmiri Hindu Calendar (Saptarshi Panchang). In 2020, Sonth date is March 14.

Sonth also marks the onset of spring. Chaitra Sankrat, mostly popular as Sonth, has very significant history of rituals and traditions. A particular set of items are kept overnight to see them in the morning on first sight.

A basket full of unhusked rice, a coin, a pen-set, a cup of curds, few walnuts, cooked rice and some flowers are kept overnight to see them in the morning by family members just on opening their eyes from sleep. Each family member picks up a couple of walnuts which are dropped in the river after taking a ceremonial bath.

The similar ritual we can witness in Kerala as Vishu Kani Darshan during Vishu festival.

In 2019, Sonth date was March 22.

In 2018, Sonth date was March 2.

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