Thaal Barun | Ritual of Kashmiri Pandits a night before Navreh

Thaal Barun (Thal Barun) is a ritual observed on the night prior to Navreh, the Kashmiri New Year. It is popularly celebrated by Kashmiri Pandits. In 2023, Thaal Barun date is March 21. And March 22 is Navreh. On the night prior to Kashmiri New Year (Chaitr Sud Okdoh), the eldest lady of the house […]

Chetar Choudas

Chetar Choudas is one of the festivals and auspicious days celebrated in Kashmir, mainly by Kashmiri Pandits. In 2023, Chetar Choudas date is March 20. Chetar Choudas falls on the 14th day of dark fortnight in Chaitr Month of Kashmiri Panchang (Saptarshi era – Kashmiri Hindu Calendar). In several areas of Kashmir, fairs or Melas […]

Navreh Mavas

Navreh Mavas is celebrated in Kashmir, mainly by Kashmiri Pandits. It falls on the last day of Hindu calendar (Saptarshi Panchang – Kashmiri Hindu Calendar). In 2023, Navreh Mavas date is March 21. Navreh Mavas is the 15th day of dark fortnight of Chaitra Month, a day before Navreh (Kashmiri New Year). This day has […]

Tila Aetham | Tila Ashtami | Teil Atham

Tila Aetham (Teil Atham / Tila Ashtami) is celebrated as a culmination of Shivaratri festival in Kashmir, mainly by Kashmiri Pandits. In 2023, Tila Aetham date is February 27. Tila Aetham is celebrated on the 8th day of the bright fortnight of Phalgun Month (Phalguna Shukla Ashtami tithi). On this occasion, puja is offered to […]

Sonth | Chaitr Sankrat

Sonth marks the beginning of Chaitra Month in Kashmiri Hindu Calendar (Saptarshi Panchang). In 2022, Sonth date is March 14. Sonth also marks the onset of spring. Chaitra Sankrat, mostly popular as Sonth, has very significant history of rituals and traditions. A particular set of items are kept overnight to see them in the morning […]

Zang Trai | Zang Tri | Zang Trey

Zang Trai (Zang Tri | Zang Trey) is an auspicious occasion falls on 3rd day of Navreh, the Kashmiri New Year. In 2022, Zang Trai date is April 4, Monday. It falls on Chaitr Sud Tritya (3rd day of Chaitra Month) in Kashmiri Jantri based on Saptarshi Panchang system. There is a tradition of Kashmiri […]