Young Age

Young age is the very important stage in our life cycle. During this age, we would be innocent, and we would be playful and childish in nature. We didn’t know about the differentiation between good and bad things, and usually our parents would teach us, to move properly in the world.

We can play indoor and outdoor games with our friends and can cherish our each and every beautiful moments. We can also gently hold the hands of our parents, and visit the nearby shops and temples along with them, and worship the divine deities whole heartedly. Apart from the toys for playing, generally we will be having our sisters or brothers to play with us.

We can playfully fight with our siblings and can enjoy our food with them. During our weekend holidays, we would visit the bird sanctuary, beach, cinema theatres, Zoo etc. While going to animal parks and bird sanctuary, we can worship the animals and birds in the form of the divine deities like the great Jatayu, Garuda, Nandi, Sampati, Jambavan, Hanuman and Narasimha.

We can also provide food to those animals and birds in our own hands, and can have a glimpse of them. After having a wonderful experience in the parks, after going to our school, we can share our remarkable experience with our school friends.

We can also participate in the school scout activities, and in future we can aim to become an army officer to help our nation.If our parents have their own farm lands, we can go there and have a look at the nice greenery and scenery, and spend some time at that place. We can also interact with the farmers and can ask about their difficulties in working in the farm fields in the hot sun.

If our parents are interested in doing charitable activities, we can go along with them to orphanages, spastic society, handicapped homes and old age homes, and can interact with those lovely people in the homes, and can provide wholesome food to them.We can also participate during the performance of puja at our homes, and can decorate the pictures of the gods and goddesses with flowers and flower garlands, and help our mother, during the preparation of the holy Prasad for offering it to the divine deities.

Apart from engaging in other activities, we have to study well and score good marks in our exams, in order to get a bright future in our life. We must avoid ourselves with interacting with those boys, who used to talk using bad words.

In general, during our young age, we must enjoy our each and every second of life, and must also develop spirituality in our mind, in order to get sure success in our life.


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