The Best Work comes out when you work without any Motive

“I don’t understand the knowledge point which says, ‘the best work comes out when you work without any motive”. To this question of a disciple, Sri Sri Ravishankar (Founder of Art of Living) replied in his Satsang…..

Yes, this is intuitive work or a sudden sprout of thought. In intuition, you do not sit and calculate. Intuition means that which simply comes up beyond reason.

Did you get it? You have seen when Archimedes was thinking and thinking, it didn’t work. But, when he relaxed, suddenly he got the Archimedes principle.

Like that, many scientists got something out of the sixth sense. That is intuition and that needs to be developed. So don’t’ depend only on your five senses or the intellect.

Intuitive sense is also important. That is a deeper, closer to the truth, reality. Otherwise you see your judgments are often wrong.

How many of you find your judgments were wrong? You judged people and a little later on you felt that is not the way it was. I thought something else, there was something else. Isn’t it? So, your intuition will not fail you because it is coming from a deeper space.

If it is intuition and if it really comes!

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