Spiritual Works of Raghavendra Swamy

Guru Raghavendra being a saint of Mantralayam is also a great scholar, who had written more than 50 spiritual works, and most of his works are based on the philosophies of Guru Madhwacharya, and his works also covers Hari Bhakti, Hari Keertanas and Sri Hari Puja. And among his various works, the song “INDU ENAGE GOVINDA”, sung by him before he enters into the Brindavana has become very popular, since as an act of recognising his talents, the idol of Lord Krishna itself began to dance, admired and enjoyed the song of Guru Raghavendra, and still now most of his devotees mouth would keep singing this divine song during the performance of Guru Raghavendra Swamy’s puja.

Raghavendra Swamy was able to write so many spiritual works in a good manner, and this was happened due to the grace of the Divine Mother, Ma Saraswati Devi, who is the goddess of education. The great SanguKarnar, the divine attendant of Lord Brahma Deva, was cursed by Lord Brahma to be born in the earth, and due to that, SanguKarnar, was taken birth as Prahalada, Bahlika Raja, Vyasaraja and then Guru Raghavendra. Since Sangukarnar lived in the Sathya Loka for so many years, Ma Saraswati’s grace was there for himever since from the first Krita Yuga, and that’s why Guru Raghavendra and Vyasaraja were easily learnt all the Vedic subjects, shined brightly in their spiritual career and also they had written good spiritual works.

It is also believed that during the time of writing of spiritual works, Lord Narayana himself used to stand either in front of him or on his backwards and would keenly observe the contents of the writing. It is also said that Ma Saraswati resides permanently in the lips of our Guru Raghavendra.

Some of the important spiritual works of Guru Raghavendra are as follows:-

1. Tatvamanjari

2. Sri Rama Charitra

3. Bhavadipa

4. Nyayadipa

5. Tikaatippani

6. Vaadavali

7. Bhagavadhya

8. BhaataSamgraha

9. ChandrikaPrakasha

10. Nyayamuktaavali


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