Work done by Lord Krishna

Krishna cowherd

Krishna cowherd

Lord Krishna though he was born as a divine avatar, used to graze the cattle at his young age itself. He used to feed them the homemade snacks made out of butter from his own hands. He also allowed them to eat the grass, and would provide sufficient drinking water to them. He was a lovely cowherd, who had discharged his duties properly, and acts as an example for others. Sometimes he also done the sweeping job at the cattle sheds, and would collect the cow dung, and make it to dry, in order to be used it in the fire yagnas. He has willfully done all these type of work, and paid great attention in the welfare of the cows, and takes care of them properly.

He is also the beloved deity for the people who capably discharge the sweeping job. A sweeper is a person who cleans the streets by removing the Garbage and Dirt, and he is considered as an essential person, since by the way of cleaning the streets, he helps the people to walk freely in the streets, and also helps the people to breathe the fresh air, without any pollution. Street sweepers are also known as “sanitation workers”. A sweeper would use a broom and clean off litter, waste and other unused items that were thrown out in the streets. Machines are also being used to do the job more efficiently and effectively. In foreign countries, sweepers are using advanced machines to clean the streets.

Sweepers are considered as our important saviours since they help us to live our life without any difficulty. At the present situation, they are doing their routine duty cheerfully, without showing any hesitation in doing their work. If they didn’t sweep the streets, people would get infected from various types of diseases, due to the large quantity of garbage stored in the streets.

Before few centuries, sweepers are badly treated, and they are considered as untouchables. Due to the great efforts of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr.Ambedkar, nowadays, people began to respect them, and they are also suitably rewarded for their work.

In the present situation, due to lack of job opportunities, even engineers, graduates and post-graduates, are willing to work as Sweepers. By doing sweeping work, there is a great possibility in getting infection from lung diseases and Tuberculosis. The sweepers are doing their work tirelessly, and they are also not worrying about their health. The main aim of the sweepers is to keep the streets clean and neat, and to help the passers in the streets. They also used to get Deepavali and Pongal bonus from the people, and used to utilize the money for buying household items. They would never fight with the general public, and mostly maintains patience, and sometimes would do private works in the houses of the people at their request, and would charge only reasonable fees for their work.


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