Will God Curse Us?

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

Will god curse us? No. He will never curse us, but sometimes out of our unbearable sufferings, we might curse him. God consider all of his creations as his child, and similar to an affectionate mother, he used to console us, affectionately hug us, removes our tears during the times of our sufferings even without our knowledge. All of us think that god is not present before us. But actually, he has appointed innumerable Devas, in order to protect us. They used to watch all of our activities, and would report it to the almighty. Sometimes god would also personally present before us and would keenly watch our activities, without our knowledge.

As per the sayings of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita, “I am taking care of all of my creations, and I am going through their each and every activity. Even if people didn’t call me, but I would appear before them as an unwanted visitor, and also I would try to sort out their problems as much as possible. But if the people keep on committing sins, and if they neglect me fully, then in such situations, I am in the position to give punishment to them, and I am doing that, only in order to correct their bad nature. For me, if I treat both the Kauravas and the Pandavas similarly, then how I would find partiality between my all other creations”.

In the Puranas, we might have studied that some angry sages like Vishwamitra and Durvasa, cursed some people when they didn’t receive proper respect from them. But the great Lord Krishna didn’t curse Duryodana, when he insulted Krishna by not giving proper seat to him in his palace. When Krishna was about to grant boons to his aunt Kunti, the chaste, pure and pious lady, Ma Kunti, didn’t receive any boons from him, but asked him to give small, small problems to her, in order to keep him in her memory for ever. What a good natured lady Ma Kunti Devi is?

Lord Krishna cursed only the great Warrior Ashwathama, when he tried to destroy the entire clan of the Pandavas. Due to the curse of Lord Krishna, still Ashwathama suffers from various ailments and it is also believed that daily he performs puja in a Shiva Temple, situated at Madhya Pradesh.

We should always keep it in our memory, that god would never curse us, but he would always bless us even if we are very worse.


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