Which Language is used by Gods, Goddesses

Which Language is used by Gods, Goddesses.. In which language Gods communicate, and speak to their devotees..

According to me, there is no need of using any kind of language for the god, to communicate with others, since god’s powers are apart from using any kind of language, and just by remaining in deep silence, they would be able to communicate easily with others, similar to Lord Dakshinamoorthy who had once given a very good explanation about various spiritual matters to the sages, just by remaining in deep meditation.

When the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb tried to attack the Karmanghat Hanuman Temple, Lord Hanuman had warned him by communicating with him on his own Urdu language, thus by proving before us, that he is familiar in speaking various types of languages with others. Lord Murugan is mentioned as the god of Tamil as per our Holy Texts of Hinduism, and even while he was communicating with Ma Avvaiyar, the great female Tamil Poet, he had communicated with her only in Tamil. Likewise our great Sage Agastya and the Siddhars used to communicate only in Tamil with others, even though they are familiar in all other languages.

It is also mentioned in the Ramayana, that the Vanaras used to communicate with each other, in a different type of language, similar to our Sanskrit. Our great Madhwa Saint Guru Raghavendra is familiar even in Divine languages, but, however during his life time, he has mostly communicated with others only in Tamil and Kannada.

Some people are labeling our most precious beloved god Vinayaka as the North Indian God, since it is believed that most of the North Indians used to worship Lord Vinayaka very sincerely than that of the South Indians. But for the great god like Vinayaka, language is not the barrier, since each and every one can easily approach him, and they can also communicate with him on their own language, since it is only our great Lord Vinayaka who has introduced all types of Languages to the world. It is also believed that the pious demons like Prahalada and Mahabali had communicated with others using a language similar to our National Language Hindi.

Our Shirdi Saibaba tells, “Oh my devotees in order to express your sufferings, there is no need to converse with me using a language, since I am the one, who contains sufficient powers enough to read your mind”.

Hence instead of making a research study about the usage of languages by our most worshipful deities like Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, let us offer our whole heartedly prayers to them from our soul itself.


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