What is Maharasa, Does Lord Krishna perform Maharasa even Today

Vrindavan Lila Krishna Radharani

Vrindavan Lila Krishna Radharani

What is Maharasa, Does Lord Krishna (Sri Hari) perform Maharasa even today? Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of Art of Living, replied to this question as…

Maharasa is this only, satsang! Where there is juice, where one gets so intoxicated and experiences so much love and joy, that everywhere only God is visible – that is Maharasa.

Where nothing besides God exists; if such a feeling arises in you that you forgot everything else, then know that Maharasa or meditation has happened. At that time there is no worry in the mind – worry about this or that. When all worldly matters are completely forgotten then that is Maharasa.

If you get even a glimpse of it sometimes for a short period of time, that is enough. Life begins to go very smoothly and very beautifully.

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