Should Spiritual People stay away from Politics

Ramdev Baba with Anna Hazare

Ramdev Baba with Anna Hazare

Today, everywhere we see people playing the game of politics (Rajneeti). Should spiritual people stay away from politics?” This is a question raised by a disciple in the Satsang of Sri Sri Ravishankar (founder of Art of Living).

Let’s read what was Guruji’s reply to it..

What does ‘Rajneeti’ mean? It means that which is essential for the citizens of a place, for instance, transportation, education, security. This is rajniti. Spirituality is different. It is the field for improvement of the masses.

A ruler can never be a reformer and a reformer should never be a ruler. Both the roles should be played by different people, but with the support of each other. It would be better if a state is managed by taking suggestions from a spiritual guide.

That is why this country has always seen people who have been providing unbiased suggestions, like a journalist and a spiritual leader. They don’t belong to a particular group. They belong to God and stand for truth. They keep forth that which is true and then suggest accordingly. This should be done.

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