Wearing Cat’s Eye, Vaidhurya in 2019 | Auspicious days, Weight of Stone, Wearing Finger, Metal

cats eye gemstone

cats eye gemstone

Wearing Cat’s Eye gemstone – Auspicious days to wear Cat’s Eye (Vaidhurya, Lehsunia, Vaidhuryam) best weight in carats, which finger you should wear it on and which metal the ring should be made with?

The planet Ketu can create lots of problems in any person’s life if it is not favourably alligned in the horoscope. Hence in order to neutralise the ill effects of the planet ketu, it is advisable to wear the Cat’s Eye Gemstone and worship Lord Ketu. This is known to be an effective solution to get the blessings of the planet.

This gemstone protects the wearer from hidden enemies and sudden dangers and diseases. It is also known to give huge financial rewards and hence is very popular among the business community.

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Planet for Cat’s Eye stone – Ketu

For Ketu doshas, as a remedy Cat’s Eye gemstone is worn.

Nature of Cat’s Eye stone – Very Hot

Finger in which to be worn – Middle / Ring Finger

Auspicious day to wear – Tuesday (Mangalvar)

Preferred metal in which the ring or other ornaments should be made – Gold

Weight of Cat’s Eye stone – 3 Rattis | 5 Rattis | 7 Rattis (1 Ratti = 0.91 Carat).

The weight is measured in Rattis in most of the traditional jewelry stores in India. Based on the locations (North India, Central India, Western India & Eastern India), the measurement varies like for 100 Rattis = 90 to 94 Carats.

Substitute for Cat’s Eye gemstone – Tiger’s eye, Agate

Auspicious Days for wearing Cat’s Eye in 2019

1 January 2019

8 January 2019

22 January 2019

29 January 2019 (2.50 PM onwards)

12 February 2019

19 February 2019 (11.25 AM onwards)

26 February 2019

19 March 2019

16 March 2019

2 April 2019

16 April 2019

23 April 2019

30 April 2019

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