Navaratna: Nine Precious Gemstones

navaratna: Nine Gemstones

navaratna: Nine Gemstones

Navaratnas are the nine precious gemstones among the many gems found in the world. There are nearly a 100 varieties of precious and semi precious stones and among them, the nine precious gems called the Navratnas are identified as the defining energies of nine planets.

Navaratnas are considered important in many countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia and across many religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism.

The nine precious gems (Navratnas) and their associated planets are mentioned below:

1. Ruby for Surya (Sun)… Read more about the importance, spiritual significance, how to wear, whom to wear Ruby gemstone..

2. Pearl for Chandra (Moon)… Read the exclusive post on Pearl.. how to wear, when to wear, for which Dasha you need to wear Muthyam

3. Red Coral for Mangala (Mars).. Read the article on Red Coral.. Health Benefits of wearing Red coral, for which Dashas it is suitable to wear

4. Emerald for Budha (Mercury)…. Read more on Emerald… benefits of wearing emerald, in which dasha emerald should be worn..?

5. Yellow Sapphire for Guru (Jupiter)… Read this exclusive article on Why Yellow sapphire should be worn for Guru dosha??

6. Diamond for Shukra (Venus)… Get more details on the relation between Diamond and Venus.. Why should one wear diamond for Shukra Dosha Nivarana…?

7. Blue Sapphire for Shani (Saturn)…. Read more about the importance, spiritual significance, how to wear, whom to wear Blue Sapphire gemstone..

8. Gomedha for Rahu…. Read the exclusive post on Gomedha.. how to wear, when to wear, for which Dasha you need to wear Gomedh stone

9. Cat’s Eye for Ketu….  Read the article on Vaidhurya.. Health Benefits of wearing Cat’s eye gemstone, for which Dashas it is suitable to wear

The gems must be pure and flawless for them to give the user any benefit. It should be worn only after proper consultation with your astrologer as wearing the wrong gem can have a negative effect. Not all gems suit everyone and after ascertaining the dosha for the particular planet, you can wear the gems to pacify the ill effects of the planets.

Navratnas are not mere jewellery and it should be treated like a precious gem and worshipped properly to derive the complete benefits of the gem. Usually the gems are clad in gold or silver and then worn as per the suggestion of the astrologer.

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