Ways of Leading a Happy Life

Various ways are there to lead a happy life. Our life is based on our own likes and dislikes and everyone likes to live comfortably and peacefully in their life. But it is not possible for some people, due to their bad habits like lust, anger, greed and enmity etc. These people should try to remove the negative thoughts in their mind, and must feel a sense of satisfaction in their life, and must not compare them with others. Whatever is given by the god to us, we have to happily accept it, and make our life journey in a good manner. Getting tension over things, and shower our anger with others, would never make us to live peacefully in this world.

Lust is the worst thing, which we must eliminate in the initial stages of our life itself. Though it is very difficult to control the human senses, it can be made possible through our constant prayers on the almighty. Liking and loving another man’s wife will lead us to the path of hell, and we have to take many endless births. In general, we have to take Sattvic vegetarian foods, in order to control our senses.

All the religions preach us only to follow good things in our life, and they also ask us to avoid doing bad deeds in order to get relieved from our various problems. Lord Krishna says: “BE A NOBLE, HUMBLE AND A KIND MAN, AND AVOID COMMITTING SINS, CONTROL YOUR WORST ENEMIES LIKE LUST, ANGER, GREED AND DON’T SHOW ENMITY OVER OTHERS IN ORDER TO GET ENLIGHTENMENT”.

Similar to that, the other religions like Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism also ask us to walk in the path of DHARMA, and to do a selfless service to the society. Many saints have given us good teachings and they frequently ask us to control our bad habits and to concentrate our attention on god.
Hence let us live a noble life and be blessed.


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