Venkateshwara Swamy Katha | Why & How Lord Vishnu originated as Venkateshwara at Tirumala

Venkateshwara Swamy

Venkateshwara Swamy

Lord Venkateshwara also known by various names as Srinivasa, Balaji, Venkatachalapati and Govinda is a divine form of Lord Vishnu. Lord Venkateshwara is the main deity of Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple situated in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Lakhs of devotees are visiting daily to the Tirumala Temple to have a glimpse of their dear god, and to get his blessings.

In Tirumala, TTD Devasthanams are conducting lot of social welfare schemes for the benefit of the devotees and to the poor people, like providing free food to the devotees, education to children, Vedapatasala, hospitals, go-samrakshana etc.

The TTD is investing the money received from the devotees in Fixed Deposits and utilizing only the interest portion for performing social welfare schemes. Lot of poor students and poor people were got benefited by these schemes. Every day lot of devotees are donating lakhs of rupees at the Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Legend of Lord Venkateshwara

According the famous legend once the sages gathered in one holy place and decided to perform rituals to the gods. The sages asked Bhrigu, to test the goodness among the gods. Bhrigu went to divine worlds and met Indra, Brahma and Shiva and found that they are not competent. Afterwards, Bhrigu went to Vaikunta, the abode of Lord Vishnu. At that time, Vishnu didn’t attend him and was in yoganidra.

Seeing his action, Bhrigu got very angry and kicked him at his chest with his feet. Since Mata Lakshmi permanently resides in the heart of Lord Vishnu, she could not tolerate the actions of Bhrigu maharishi and left Vaikunta and went to the Kolhapur city for performing penance. Lord Vishnu pacified Bhrigu maharishi and pressed the feet of Bhrigu maharishi gently through his lotus hands. Bhrigu got very much admired with the actions of Lord Vishnu, and asked him to apologize him for his anger with him and went to the holy place where all the other sages were gathered and informed them that Lord Vishnu is the competent person and the rituals can be dedicated to him.

Since goddess Lakshmi has left him, Lord Vishnu went to the earth for searching Goddess Lakshmi. Since, he was unable to find her, he settled on Seshachalam hills inside an anthill.Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma incarnated as a cow and a calf respectively and were took care by a shepherd of Chola kingdom in the Seshachalam hills. The cow and calf, everyday used to give their milk in the anthill to reduce the thirst of Lord Vishnu. The Chola king became suspicious.

The next day the king went along with the shepherd and got angry with the divine animals and attacked the animals. But on behalf of the animals, Lord Vishnu accepted the attack and got wounded on his forehead.The king and the shepherd were very much worried about their cruel act and both of them were surrendered at the Lord’s lotus feet. Lord Srinivasa had given the king a boon that he would marry his daughter. After some time, Srinivasa went to the home of Mata Vakula Devi and took shelter in her home, who was the foster mother Yashoda of Lord Krishna.

In the next birth,the Chola king was taken birth as Akasha Raja and his daughter is Padmavathi. Lord Srinivasa met Padmavati and after certain period of time both of them got married in presence of divine sages, gods and the people in the earth.

It is believed that, during his marriage with Padmavathi, in order to meet the marriage expenses, Lord Vishnu took a large loan from Kubera, and still now through our donations like our hair and wealth he is repaying the debt to Lord Kubera. It is also believed, that Lord Srinivasa would reside at Tirumala till the end of this Kaliyuga and will bless his devotees.


Going to Tirumala and worshipping the god is a regular practice which was prevailing for several thousands of years. Lot of devotees are visiting the holy mountain in order to put their burdens on to the feet of the god. The god also doesn’t cheat them, and providing his grace at the appropriate time, based on their karmic deeds. The only thing is that, we must have utmost faith on him and worship him with entire devotion in our mind. Definitely in course of time, he will fulfil our wishes and gives peace and prosperity in our life. It is advisable for us to visit the holy place of Tirumala at least once in a year, and to seek the divine blessings of the great Lord Balaji.

Let us chant the glory of the god and be blessed.

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    there is nice article about tirupati balaji temple story i go to tirupati balaji temple every year since last ten years. but i didn’t listen to this type of real story lord venkateswara.