Lord Varchas | Son of Chandra Dev & Rohini

Lord Varchas is the lovely son of Lord Chandra and his beloved consort Rohini, a famous star goddess. During the previous Dwaparayuga, as per the wishes of Lord Vishnu, Chandra’s son Varchas had taken the birth of Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was killed in the Kurukshetra war at the age of 16. After his death, he again went to the Chandra Loka, and resides along with his father and mother.

Varchasis considered as a pious demigod, and he contains the features of his father Lord Chandra. He looks very beautiful with a shining appearance, and he contains very good nature, and used to welcome the sages and the demigods to the Chandra Loka.

Varchas is also mentioned in the Vedas, and he also receives the share of oblation from the fire sacrifices, similar to his father Chandra, also called as Soma.

After the death of Abhimanyu, when Arjuna and Krishna went to the Chandra Loka, Lord Varchas welcomed them, and asked them to stay in the Chandra Loka for a few days.Lord Varchas contains great powers similar to his father Chandra, and it is believed that he only guards the Chandra Loka, and he would be permanently living in the Chandra Loka for ever, and there is no end for him.

Lord Indra is a close friend of Lord Chandra, and he likes Varchas very much, and he would treat him similar to his son Jayanta. Occasionally Varchas would go to the IndraLoka, and used to stay with Lord Indra, Jayanta and Mata Indrani, and he would enjoy the pleasures of IndraLoka for some time. Lord Varchas is an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, and he used to worship him regularly.

Let us worship the great Lord Varchas and be blessed.






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