God is Visible to us in the form of Chandra, Surya, Dhruva

We can’t question about the existence of the god, since daily we are viewing Lord Surya, Chandra and Dhruva, from our naked eyes. Lord Surya is giving light to us, and gives food grains, generates rain and also blesses us, if we sincerely worship him. Lord Chandra can be easily seen during the full moon […]

Lord Indra and Chandra

Lord Indra and Chandra are Vedic gods, and both of them are praised in Vedas and in the Puranas. Both of them are adapted to live a luxurious life style, by drinking the divine nectar Amirtha, and by watching the dance of the celestial dancers like Ma Urvashi, Menaka and Ramba. While Lord Indra is […]

Chandra Mandala | Chandra Loka | Abode of Moon God

Lord Chandra is a worshipful deity and he is one among the nine planets, also called as Navagrahas. He is the son of Rishi Atri and Anasuya, and it is also believed that he was formed during the time of churning of the milk ocean. He was married to the 27 star goddesses, who are […]

Lord Varchas | Son of Chandra Dev & Rohini

Lord Varchas is the lovely son of Lord Chandra and his beloved consort Rohini, a famous star goddess. During the previous Dwaparayuga, as per the wishes of Lord Vishnu, Chandra’s son Varchas had taken the birth of Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was killed in the Kurukshetra war at the age of 16. After his death, he again […]