Upulvan | Guardian Deity in Sri Lanka

Lord Upulvan is worshipped as a guardian deity in Sri Lanka, and he is also considered to be the protector of Sri Lanka from evil forces, and also he guards the holy texts of Buddhism. Upalvan contains blue coloured body, and he appears similar to Lord Buddha. He is considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he contains Chakra and Sangu in his hands.

Before 2500 years, Lord Upulvan appeared before prince Vijaya in Sri Lanka and he blessed him. He again appeared before the Sri Lankan kings during 7th century AD, and blessed them. The name of Lord Upulvan is mentioned in Buddhist texts also.

During the 6th century AD, King Dappula saw a sculpture made out of wood, and he discovered that it is the idol of Lord Upulvan, and he installed it in a holy place. And it is believed that those who worship the idol of Lord Upulvan would be relieved from diseases and they would get great strength in their body. As per ancient Buddhist texts, the consort of Lord Upulvan is Ma Sandiyavani, and their sons name was Janak.

During the 14th century, the then king of Sri Lanka, installed the idol of Lord Upulvan when he was building a palace for him. The popular temple for Lord Upulvan is situated at Devinuwara in Matara. Then one more Upulvan temple was constructed by King Parakkramabahu in Kegalle District.

During the 15th century, idols of Upulvan were considered as lord Vishnu and lot of Buddhists began to worship Lord Upulvan as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Upulvan is still worshipped by most of the people in Sri Lanka irrespective of their caste and creed.

Some people worship Lord Upulvan as the ocean god Varuna, since he is the protector of the Sri Lanka from destruction.

There are some famous temples, which are dedicated to Lord Upulvan in Sri Lanka. Annual festival celebrations would be held in these temples in a grand manner. Upulvan’s temples are located in Sri Lanka in Kandy, Vallipuram and Dehiwala.


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