Bhagavatha Anugraha Moorthy

lord-vishnu’s 24 avataras

lord-vishnu’s 24 avataras

Lord Vishnu is called as Bhagavatha Anugraha Moorthy, since he has showered his unlimited and unconditional grace on to the Bhagavathas like Dhruva, Prahalada and Narada. Lord Vishnu has given suitable position to his Bhagavathas, and apart from the Divine Bhagavathas, he also showers his grace on normal Bhagavathas like us. Lord Vishnu is also called as “BHAGAVATHA PRIYA MOORTHY”, fond of Bhagavathas, “DUSHTA SAMHARA MOORTHY”, killing the wicked ones, “PAPA VIMOSANA MOORTHY”, removal of our sins, “KARUNA KADAKSHA MOORTHY”, shows unlimited grace on his devotees,“ADI PURUSHA”, the ancient god, “PRAHALADA PRIYA”, the Lord who loves his staunch devotee Prahalada so much, “PRAHALADA ANUGRAHA MOORTHY”, the Lord who has showered his ocean like blessings to Sri Prahalada.

Though Lord Vishnu used to testify the Bhagavathas in order to make them to attain a most purified state, finally he would grant innumerable boons to them. Since Lord Vishnu is the protector god, those who call his name seeking for his help, would get immediate solutions for their problems through their beloved Lord Vishnu. Those who engage themselves in spiritual activities like singing, praising and performing divine discourses would be very much liked by Lord Vishnu, and they would be considered as “SRI NARAYANA BHAGAVATHAS”.

Films are also being produced and telecasted about Bhagavathas like Prahalada, Dhruva, Thukaram and Meerabai, and it received good recognition from the audiences. Schools which follow Hinduism can introduce a special weekly lecture about the significance of the Bhagavathas, in order to promote bhakti in the minds of the school children. During marriage ceremonies of Hindus, the participants of the marriage function can distribute the books of Sri Vishnu Purana, Srimad Bhagavatham and about the Life History of the Bhagavathas, to the bride as well as bride groom, and also they can distribute the surplus copies of the books to the other attendees of marriage function.

At present, our holy Sanatana Dharma is in a weak state, and hence, in order to make it strong, we have to work tirelessly for spreading our holy Sanatana Dharma in every nook and corner of the world.


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