Upliftment of Hinduism

It is our important duty to uplift our holy Hinduism, to spread its significance among the masses, and to protect our holy religion from anti-social elements. Nowadays some people belonging to some activist groups are boldly commenting on our Hinduism, and they are wounding the sentiments, traditions and beliefs of Hinduism. They are telling that all of our Vedas, Shastras, Ithihasas and Puranas are useless, and to be removed from our religion. Before some years ago, some people belonging to a movement had beaten the picture of our beloved Lord Rama, for which no one has taken suitable action, against the culprits.

If the same incident was happened in other religions, then the culprits would be severely punished by those religious people. But most of the Hindus are having lot of tolerance capacity, and that’s why they are not trying to stop those things. We should consider our Hindu deities similar to our father and mother, and must give good respect to them.

Famous saints like Vyasaraja, Guru Raghavendra, Purandaradasa have been specially sent by Lord Hari, in order to spread the significance of our Hindu religion, and to invoke the bhakti in the minds of the devotees. They have done their part very well, and they are still blessing and showering their grace on their devotees. But we are not interested to spread our Hindu Dharma amongst the people, and most of us are also not having the interest to read the holy texts of our Hinduism.

Few weeks back, I have watched a video in Whatsapp, and in that, a person dressed in black coloured clothes was criticising our god Muruga, and he has also made his derogatory remarks on Lord Muruga. Most of us are simply watching the videos, and without taking it seriously, we are pushing to do our other duties. If we didn’t take the matter seriously, then in course of time, our Sanatana Dharma would not be followed by anyone, and most of the people would be Hindus, just for name sake only, and also they would be easily brain washed by other religious people, and they would be converted into other religions, and in near future, Hindus would become minority people.

Hence let us worship the great almighty Lord Vishnu and Guru Raghavendra, and let us try to spread the sweetness and the brightness of our Holy Hinduism amongst the people throughout the world.


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  1. Sreenivasa Rao NG says:

    This shows the extent of tolerance of the community. The tolerance is not the sign of weakness in my considered view. Recently I came across lot of Articles and organisations peacefully raising to the occasion and have seen that the organizers of such events to apologize or to withdraw the cartoons etc. It seems that it is a fashion or a trade to earn living by a set of people. Even in wide or small screen such things are happening. Peacefully/calmnly the people have to be guided in a reasonable way and not to loose passion anyway. Whole-heartedly I respect and regard all religions and Religious leaders. They might follow different culture and are known by Different names. But ultimately they teach us only lesson. Love your neighbor. Be kind to all. The nature does not make any difference in providing comforts to living beings irrespective of cast or creed. When the abstract nature itself is so kind, why not the human beings that having BRAIN. HENCE LEARN FROM NATURE AS TO HOW ONE HAS TO LIVE,(LEAD HIS LIFE) HELP OTHERS, ETC., ETC. IN MY LIFE JOURNEY OF 85 years, I have learnt this lesson which I tried my level best to put into practice. Retaliation is not the answer. Let peace and wisdom prevail and I Pray the Almighty that every one should live Happily and lovingly. sarve janaah sukhino bhavantu. sanmangali prapti-rastu