Truth Alone Triumphs

Truth alone triumphs, telling lies and doing bad things would last only for a certain period of time, and after that, the wrong doers would be severely punished in the hands of the god as well as before the eyes of law. Mahatma Gandhi had lived an honest life, and he maintained truth throughout his life. In his life history, he has mentioned about the wonderful incidents occurred in his childhood days, and he has mentioned 100% truthful contents in his life history book. In his young age, he studied the life history of King Harichandra, who was an honest king, and by considering him as his guru he followed his principles, and lived a pious life.

But those who follows a truthful life would have to suffer lot of hardships in their lives, and some may even have to lose their lives as well as the lives of their near and dears. Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita insists us to live an honest life, in order to enter into the spiritual path. The pious kings Prahalada, and Dhruva had lived an honest and selfless life, and hence they have attained suitable divine worlds. Similarly Mahabali acted honestly and willingly went to the Sutala Loka as per the instructions of Lord Vamana.

But at the present situation of life, we cannot find truth with most of the people, due to the evil impact of Kali Purusha. But Kali Purusha is also controlled by the almighty, and whoever worships Lord Krishna wholeheartedly, Sing songs in praise of him, and chant his glories, would be relieved from the clutches of Kali Purusha. Now most of the people in the world are not acting as per the principles of “DHARMA”. Most of them are doing acts as per their own wish, and we can find only a few honest people, whereas we can find lot of liars in the world.

Most of the people are willfully cheating money from others. Some of them would not return the promised sum of money to the lenders. As per our holy texts, now our holy mother earth goddess is standing only in one leg, and she is suffering a lot due to the evil influence of Kali Purusha on the people in the earth. People are easily getting converted into other religions for the sake of earning money. Some people would ask, if I follow truth in my life, then what would, I get in future. Though initially adopting truthfulness and becoming an honest person would be difficult, but in course of time, it would fetch good name and fame to the person, and also he would be blessed by the divine gods from the heaven.


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