Thirumullaivoyal Raghavendra Swamy Temple

There is a famous temple dedicated for Sri RaghavendraSwamy, and it is located in Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai. It was constructed by the great philanthropist, actor and dance master, Raghava Lawrence during the year 2010. The address of the temple is No 1, 291, 7th St, Saraswati Nagar, Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600062.

Actor Raghava Lawrence had become a staunch devotee of Guru Raghavendra, after his brain tumour was miraculously cured by Raghavendra at his young age. He and his mother are sincere devotees of Guru Raghavendra, and through his grace he has raised up in his career ladder. He followed the footsteps of his Guru Sri RajiniKanth, with regard to SRI RAGHAVENDRA BHAKTI, and both of them used to share their wonderful experiences on Guru Raghavendra with each other.

Raghava Lawrence has constructed this nice temple for Guru Raghavendra by installing a beautiful statue of the divine guru. Every Thursday, he used to provide sumptuous meals to the devotees, as Guru Raghavendra Theertha Prasadam, and after tasting the delicious food, the devotees would whole heartedly praise Sri Raghava Lawrence, for his selfless service.

Regular pujas would be done by a priest, and anyone who visits the temple, can touch the idol of Guru Raghavendra in their own hands, which we cannot expect it in other Raghavendra Mutts. Annual Aradhana festival is being grandly celebrated at this temple, and all the devotees are welcomed to participate in this noble event.

Lot of devotees have experienced many good changes in their lives after visiting this holy temple of Guru Raghavendra. At this Kaliyuga, even though if a person is rich and good in nature, but he could be able to do good things in his life, only if god showers his grace on him.
Let us visit this famous temple of Guru Raghavendra at least once in our life time, and be blessed.


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