The role of sports in Onam-Onakalikal

Onakalikal, the collective name of numerous games of Onam, is played by the people with different temperaments on the occasion of Onam. The game is of different types. The ideal time for the game is after the sumptuous Onasadhya meal. The most energetic people of Kerala also involve themselves to such games.

One of the most familiar Onakalikal is ‘Chess’ (Chathurangam), the old and sober indoor game. Like chess, cards and dice is also another familiar game. These games are played to refresh mind and to a little bit of entertainment. This game is completely a traditional game and is played by this type of people at different parts of our country. If we go through the country we see a minor variation from region to region.

In Kerala this game includes combats like Kayyankali and Attakalam. Combats show strength and physical might of the people of Kerala. Of these two Kayyankali is the more violent game where people fight one to one with their fists.

Ambeyyal, the game like archery, is also a kind of Onakalikal. Generally who loves shooting play this game with bamboo bows and blunted arrows. It is also an interesting game where people divide themselves into two teams and try to deprive each other of their stock of arrows.

Though this is not too much violent but there is also a probability to injure at the time of playing this game. Apart from these games there are also other familiar Onakalikals like Talappanthukali, a ball game and Kabaddi locally called Kutukutu. These games are also played at different parts of the country.

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