Ashtamudi Lake, the center of attraction during Onam

Kollam can be best described as a miniature version of Kerala. It imbibes the best of what Kerala has to offer as a tourist destination. Its beauty is highlighted by the Ashtamudi Lake that has an enchanting green spread around its banks. Kollam is not among the usual Kerala tourist guides, i.e. it is more […]

The role of sports in Onam-Onakalikal

Onakalikal, the collective name of numerous games of Onam, is played by the people with different temperaments on the occasion of Onam. The game is of different types. The ideal time for the game is after the sumptuous Onasadhya meal. The most energetic people of Kerala also involve themselves to such games. One of the […]

Thumbi Thullal makes women folk engaged in fun during Onam festivity

Onam festivity is not just Onasadya, boat race or Valamkali and floral carpet or Pookalam. There is much more joy and fun associated with Onam in the form of games. There are many games that are exclusively for men folks and children. One such game that exclusively engages the women folks during the Onam season […]

The popular & only best Onam Pattu

Here is the popular and only best Onam Pattu: Kuttanadan Punjayile, written by Vayalar from the movie Kavalam Chundan.. Kuttanadan Punjayile Movie: Kavalam Chundan Lyricist: Vayalar The lyrics of this Onam Pattu goes like this…. Kuttanadan Punjayile Thai Thai Thaka Thai Thai Thom Kochu Penne Kuyilale Thithatha Thithai Thai Kottu Venam Kuzhal Venam Kurava Venam […]

Canadian Nehru Trophy: Abroad Onam special

Vallamkali, the traditional South Indian boat racing has a special place in Canada. The trophy that is given to the winner of this boat race is Canadian Nehru Trophy. This boat is held at the Heart lake Conservation Park in Brampton. Every year many teams in Canada and Kerala register for the event. It is […]

President’s Trophy Boat Race of Onam

Another feather in the plume of God’s own Paradise is perhaps The President’s Trophy Boat Race. Founded in 2011, it has become one of the most popular boat-races held in Kerala during the auspicious occasion of Onam. It is held annually on the Ashtamudi Kayal in the Kollam District of Kerala to mark the Atham […]

Kallada Boat Race: Onam Kallada Jalotsavam

Onam Kallada Jalotsavam or Kallada Boat Race was founded in 1969. It is held in Kollam district in Kerala, India.  Normally 12 teams participate in this event. The official television broadcaster is DD Malayalam. This popular boat race event is held at Munroe Thuruthu in Kallada River on 28 days after Onam. During the event, […]